Rhm. Skorpion G Easter Egg



Thanks to WoTExpress for noticing this. There’s an Easter Egg on the Rhm. Skorpion G:

For those unaware, she is Marlene Dietrich and this photo is from Destry Rides Again, a black and white action and adventure western movie from 1939:

The small town of Bottleneck is under the control of Kent (Brian Donlevy), a power-hungry boss who gets control over the local cattle ranchers by winning a rigged game of cards. When the local sheriff questions the legitimacy of the game, Kent has him killed and names the town drunk, Dimsdale (Charles Winninger), as sheriff. What Kent doesn’t know is that Dimsdale knows legendary lawman Tom Destry, who in turns sends his daring son Tom Destry Jr. (James Stewart) to Bottleneck to save the day

8 comments on “Rhm. Skorpion G Easter Egg

  1. jetcannon says:

    Ooh, the German High Command wouldn’t have like this thing’s crew for doing that! 😀

  2. The lord your savior says:

    If thats not a good reason to buy :p
    *throws a bone for all in search for a excuse*

  3. Anonymous says:

    It would be amazing if wargaming had more things such as this, easter eggs that is.

  4. manus32 says:

    It would be nice if wargaming had more things such as this, easter eggs that is.

  5. Cpt obvious says:

    Can we replace it?
    Rita. Get ur camera.

  6. ccamfield72 says:

    Jetcannon is right… before the war, Deitrich helped Jews and dissidents escape from Germany. When the war started she became an American citizen, renounced her German citizenship, worked to sell war bonds, and performed for Allied troops.

    Also, Destry Rides Again is pretty funny if you like old westerns.

  7. ShiftyOne says:

    I think it’s a easter egg from Mighty Jingles, not too long ago he was talking about that movie…or could just be a coincidence.

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