21 comments on “Swedish Consumable

  1. SMGJohn says:

    That is terrible, I expected Surströmmingen on bread causing temporary blindness to surrounding vehicles and negative attributes for 30 second duo to terrible smell and increase of 50% to crew performance in your tank after eating this Swedish nationalist food.

  2. gpc_4 says:

    Lutefisk fail.

  3. Funny Farmer says:

    Cinnamon balls. For when steel just won’t do it.

  4. Rehin says:

    Where are the meatballs?

  5. Treadhead1 says:

    Mmmmmmm Fika.

  6. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I was expecting meatballs.

  7. unable2pwn says:

    No offense, but this has been in game since the last patch

  8. What’s wrong with Bull’s Beer Sausage (Bullens pilsnerkorv)

  9. What’s wrong with “Bull’s Beer Sausage” aka ‘Bullens pilsnerkorv’…

  10. jbachop says:

    Geeze… All this time I didn’t know I was Swedish… Coffee and Cinnamon rolls? Sign me up!

  11. wolvenworks says:

    i dunno….this doesn’t sound so distinctively Swedish….clearly Minsk is VERY afraid of Surströmming

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why no swedish girls they are very Nice

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s super Swedish. Only thing they could do to make it more Swedish is to call it Fika (same thing as coffee and cinnamon bun for most people).

  14. Shrike58 says:

    That’s okay…I’ll pass on the rotten fish.

  15. WoodyViking says:

    And U will get the tank in a box and assemble it yourself… Like an IKEA furniture….

  16. Forcedeth says:

    Coffee and cinnamon buns! Best in-game food ever! I will put it on every tank I can and I’ll put it on every tank I can’t! It’s just that good!

  17. Brighteyes says:

    It should have been fika

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