8 comments on “WoT Console: Map Ardennes

  1. DoctorBest says:

    The minimap looks exactly like the map of this city in Company of Heroes.

  2. tango35 says:

    If the river doesn’t have any fording points, all the vehicles will be forced through the village. What at first glance is an open map is just another restrictive corridor map for heavies to play peek-a-boom.

    • Not that proud says:

      The river is frozen and you can drive over it anywhere.

    • **Wintermute** says:

      The river is frozen. This map is filled with kemp bush and the main corridor in town is a TD paradise firing lane. So far the North West–the largest portion of the map, is so large and removed from the main skirmishes, only very fast lights driven by very experienced drivers should ever attempt this part of the map.

      For South Spawn:
      The hill at F0 and F9 offer a great opourtunity to give your team early spots and give your allies a descent understanding of how the battle will progress. A heavy laden team will migrate to town, arty will set up along A6,7 and 8 and if you can begin to probe North Spawn and see if the enemy has camped, went town, or haunted into the wastelands of the North West.

      North Spawn:
      If uncontested, try to spot on C9, being mindful of the enemies light, meds and fast whatevers racing up the 0 and 9 lines. Perhaps bait them into crossing the Frozen River into town, allowing your team to delete them from the map from cover around C7.

      Interesting map, the town is beautiful, it is just a death trap. North West will be explored by those who love to set up Kodak Memory Spots, take selfies and wait, turret spinning, for the Reds to swarm them when they end up the last green tank alive….with a gift of full HP for the swift and deadly damage farmers not content to cap out late game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel good… I think it will be a good map except it will be very dificult no drop objects and trees

  4. hubewa says:

    Like CoH2 can you sink a tank by shooting it?

  5. markx97 says:

    Console exclusive my arse…

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