12 comments on “100 YEARS OF TANKS MODE

  1. que tanques vao estar disponiveis para essa vertente do jogo? e ficamos com esses tanques tambem ou sao retirados ?

  2. skivster says:

    Armored cars on wheels. Wooooo

  3. Eraser says:

    Oh wow! Does this mean they finally figured out how to do multi-turreted tanks?

    • Khar says:

      ERASER, yeah, i thought about that too, maybe its some kind of test.

    • Synvy (Tea) says:

      Sort out hydraulic suspension as well as a bonus ?

    • zombietropa says:

      From what I’ve read elsewhere, the Mark I is acting as a moving objective, and we’ll be playing as Lancaster armoured cars.

      It’s a shame, because there’s both the French and Germany WWI tanks they can add to, but oh well…

      • Eraser says:

        Well in that case, maybe armored car lines may be in store for the future.

        Maybe a revamp of scouting with them, and lights being more mobile support tanks?

      • zombietropa says:

        Perhaps, but I can’t imagine armoured car lines going much further than the lower tiers, being poorly armed and armoured.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this could actually be a tier 2 premium heavy tank for Britain, with very slow speed, very poor armour, high hp pool and 2x 57mm guns, also this tank could be a implementation of multi turret and barrels mechanism.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did anybody else have battlefield one flashes?

  6. Steve SEA says:

    All I wanted was a new MM and some maps that were not crap… and this is what we get.

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