15 comments on “Strv 74 In-Game Screenshots

  1. wheeledtank says:

    Would it be wrong to see this as a tier VI Type 61? It seems pretty similar to it.

  2. gpc_4 says:

    Looks like it has German style MoEs in a few of those pics. Aren’t the Swedish MoEs going to be yellow and look similar to the Brit/French MoEs?

  3. Narva says:

    They should just add crowns as MoE´s since 3 crowns is very Swedish 😀

  4. Xx1Tommy1xX says:

    Will the shell velocity be faster on on that gun is using..?
    That 75mm looks like the 105mm that most MT use in tier 10

  5. deadarashi says:

    it’s a nice looking model… but damn it’s big

  6. Brighteyes says:

    Hello! Was just wondering if it’s true that 9.16 together with Strv M43-57 Alt. A2 will be released now in August?

  7. Juraj Hojcska says:

    Looks like chaffe eh?

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