Cross-team Battle Chat Disabling- Opine



on the note of the last article where WG spoke of cross-team Battle Chat being disabled for all battle types except Team Training, the opinion in this house about it has been highly divided, I disagree with this decision while Jingles agrees, we both have our reasons but I would like to know yours:

I left the voting options very simple as I would also like to know and discuss your reasons in more detail in the comment section.


My reason for disagreeing with this decision is because not every cross-team chatting is bad, example:



I like to save these in a folder. <3


I don’t agree that something should be taken away because of a few assholes, instead what about WG having a reporting system that actually works correctly to punish them?

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Official 9.16 Summary



things been awfully quiet today but WG has published their official 9.16 summary:

Interface Changes

Game client modifications are a wide-spread tool that allows players to adjust the standard game interface the way they prefer. The development team monitors the modifications that are popular among players and adds the best of them to the game. We consider several criteria when selecting which of the modifications should be added, such as the popularity of the particular modification as well as its gameplay utility. The introduction of popular external modifications allows us to improve the game interface while making it more convenient for players.

In Update 9.16, several popular modifications will be added to the standard interface: Battle indicators, dual-row vehicle selection, and extended fire-direction indicators.

Battle Indicators

In-battle information has a crucial effect upon the battle’s outcome. The more information that a player can consider while in battle, the higher their chances of victory. This allows players to select the most appropriate course of action to stay one step ahead of the enemy team. Players receive most of their information from the images on the screen: the distribution of vehicles on the map, any nearby combat, the minimap, etc. In Update 9.16, we will add one more source of useful information: we will be improving the battle interface to make it more informative. Continue reading