5 comments on “KV-1 Restoration

  1. Tank builder says:

    SO? Where is my medal? i restored 3 tanks
    got a LÖWE in the works but will take some time. the SU pattern is from wot
    the right one is supposed to be "new condition" and the kv2 – with rust and battleproof…

    all are 1,5 hands big… thats uhm… 1:35

    Trumpeter i can highly recommend. Kv2 was easier than kv1 to build 🙂
    (kv2 had slightly better instructions… they rly improved)

    the instruction was horrible bad… even if it doesnt has a turret.

    To get parts out or even make them fine, stuff like those are good:
    you can lay precise cuts… better than surgical knifes, since you can slip and ruin your part or finger 😀

  2. Wulf Corbett says:

    So, this is a real KV-1 turret with a fake hull, fake running gear, fake engine. And it has a highly a-typical gun too.

    Sounds like a typical WoT tank then.

  3. Jerry_at_rick says:

    Thanks for this Rita

  4. abusemtex says:

    What happend to the Maus restoration program?

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