AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté



there’s a new vehicle in supertest, a tier 8 Premium HT, AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté, it’s pretty much this but with a special camo.



French heavy tank, initially known as “Project 141”. The development started right after the end of WW2 since France required modern heavy tanks. Only existed in drawings.


Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1 350

Engine: 1 000
Weight: 70 000
Power-to-weight: 14,29
Maximum speed: 40/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 25
Turret traverse: 29,2
Terrain resistance: 1,534/1,726/2,397
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 782,1
Hull armor: 180/40?
Turret armor: 250/120/?

Gun: 100 mm SA47
Damage: 300/300/400
Penetration: 232/263/50
DPM: 1 564,3
ROF: 5,214
Reload: 11,507s
Accuracy: 0,345

Aimspeed: 2,78s

Depression: -10/+20

Model and Armor:

In-Game Screenshots:


82 comments on “AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté

  1. Anonymous says:

    the heaviest turret armor of all the French HT , seems legit with the Depression: -10/+20

  2. olgierd says:

    worse dpm than t34, are you shitting me???

  3. Darkom1973 says:

    another useless camo tank thats the same as mle.49 regular, so Skorpion G rich kids will troll again…

  4. royshein says:

    I THINK this is a French tank. not sure. Rita is this a French tank?

  5. royshein says:

    only 15KPH going backwards? that’s not French! ok ill stop with the terrible jokes now

  6. Darkom1973 says:

    i figured out this is one of the things that “celebrate” terrorist attacks…omg

  7. What the hell did they do to this thing? Not only did they give it an ugly paint scheme, but they nerfed the RoF by TWO ROUNDS per-minute (when it wasn’t even that great to begin with), nerfed the hitpoints on an already below-average (1500hp) hitpoint count for a tier 8 HT, and nerfed the mobility/reverse speed… why?!

    Whereas before, it looked pretty good for a premium, now I think it’ll be one for most to pass on.

    Also, what happened to the AMX 65t + the rest of the second heavy mini-branch? Wasn’t this thing supposed to be released in its non-ridiculous paint scheme alongside those tanks?

    • DZ says:

      glad they nerfed it.. think its bad for the game to put out tanks that are on par, or better then their tech tree counter part. kinda likethe scorpion g, OP tank that basically is pay to win, which WG was suppose to be free of.

      • But in this case, it really wasn’t better than the in-tree counterpart, let alone after the nerf. It’s different enough from the 50 100 to the point where it isn’t very easy to make a comparison to it, while on the other hand, the AMX 65t outclassed this thing bigtime when it came to the whopping 120mm gun it had available and the vastly-better side/rear armor it was equipped with (which we’ve still yet to see in-game… please, WG, don’t tell me you’re giving up on second French heavy line YET AGAIN). Also, in comparison to other tier 8 heavies, it was rather similar, albeit with a stronger emphasis on DPM and a lack of armor everywhere besides the front, which makes me think it would’ve been perfectly fine in its previous state. Now, however, it’s basically pointless to even buy this thing, considering both how expensive it is (11,700 gold) and the fact that, once it’s released, the AMX 65t can also mount a 100mm gun, but with a much faster reload.

  8. Jan :O says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  9. Pablo_Rob says:

    That camo sucks – at least the Grand Final (GF) tanks are, ahem, subtle…that is just gaudy. No thank you WG.

    • i love the camo, but the stats…… oh my god…… HP only 1350?? HT tier 8?? relod 12s?? damage onlye 300?? WTF……… >.<

    • Kyros says:

      I like that they add a cock on it’s turret. With the national colors and the cock WG show everyone who’s the chicken on this planet. There would be people that do not know who made this tank, but with this unique camo everyone knows. Hahaha :*D

      • Patata Caliente says:

        This ongoing thing about how cowardly the French are is just insipid. French armies were the terror of the continent for many centuries, and the bravery of the French troops under Napoleon was never put in doubt by any of their opponents. You may want to read a book or two. Note: I’m not French.

  10. baileyhun says:

    Wot a french heavy with actual armor

  11. Anonymous says:

    oh shit, last few week i pray for regular M4 49, now they gave us same stupid thing like FCM50t lyberty on Console

  12. What next? IS tank in rainbow colors?

  13. metalrodent says:

    Bit weird that they don’t just port over the Liberte that’s already on the console version and use that rather than creating two tanks with the same name that will just cause confusion.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh look, WG taking a page from MyCom and OEI playbook

  15. Rick says:

    Special camo = buy cheats from WG…..WG should quit making cheat tanks to bolster their coffers…wtf????What ever happened to balance??Ever since they gave us their,we are getting back people who 1st made the game hype,the game has gotten worse.Its great if you want to buy cheat tanks,but what ever happened to the game where you could angle armor as a strategy?These guys who came back,just did it for the money obviously.WG,get back into the tank game and out of the cheat game..

    • Teknokraatti says:

      What are you on about? If you have ANY idea what T8 tanks are usually like, you will see that this is TERRIBLE. Granted though, any team that would be unlucky enough to get this thing in their team, would be at a serious disadvantage compared to the other team, so this thing disbalances games by being so bad.

      Least HP of all T8 heavies by far? Check. In fact, several T8 mediums have more

      KV-220 and T28 HTC- level bad terrain resistances? Check. Pretty much kills the mobility completely.

      Bad VR? Check. Only soviets have worse, on par with T34

      Sub-par alpha? Check.

      ATROCIOUSLY BAD DPM? Check. This is worse than either Löwe or T34, which both already suffer from their lackluster DPM

      Side armour that can be overmatched by a good deal of same-tier heavies, most of T9 heavies and almost all T10 heavies? Check. This wouldn’t be so bad on a medium, but this is a heavy and a slow one too.

      Now, the strengths:

      Good accuracy, 0,345 is good. Not the most important stat to heavies though, but it is good.

      Good frontal hull and turret armour. The turret is very good and is easily the best aspect about the tank as it stands.

      Good gun depression. This thing would be an excellent ridgeline abuser, if it had a gun to abuse.

      Good penetration is always useful, though the premium round is not as good as many on the tier. (KV-4, Tiger 2, Löwe having better for example)

  16. royshein says:

    Wargaming. I hate to say it. but this is worse than some of Gaijin’s decisions…

  17. crap gun, crap hp, strong armor, but we all know how well armor performs against cHEAT ammo which is pretty much a standart from tier 8 on. So it will suffer like Maus and other tanks balanced around their good armor: they’ll suck unless fighting against noobs. It’s like a VK45.02B a tier lower, VK B is good until arty/gold/meds happens, and this tank will have even more problems with these.

    At least it has speed.

    • pihip says:

      Was really excited about this tank, then it got nerfed to pieces, and now this paintjob… I guess I’ll spend my money somewhere else.

    • Teknokraatti says:

      The speed only lasts until you remember the terrain resistances. Only T28 HTC and KV-220 have comparable terrain resistances, and those tanks at least somewhat deserve their resistance stats.

  18. sturmi0545 says:

    WOW!! Where does WG keep getting those ideas from?


    copy the copycat… why not?

  19. I was going to buy this tank because I love French stuff, but now, after nerfs and this nasty camo, no

  20. Joe Staller says:

    Love to get the Amx M4 49 Libertie but I really have other things to put my money to I’ll get an eye out for it and maybe I could get it.

  21. Darkom1973 says:

    Rita, can u inform about console CTs? im moving there cuz WoT PC cant do anything properly

  22. Renarde Martel says:

    Stats are still bad, and now they slap on a ridiculous camo scheme as well? Dammit WG, we need this tank for the in-game tech tree when those nutjobs remove the FCM 50t like they said (all limited MM premium are supposed to be axed?)…

  23. Chad1233 says:

    Rita if you can please find somebody in WG to explain why they keep selling these tanks in ”special” camo when they can just make it optional… Like really the regular versions are seperate in the game files why did they do that?

  24. Mario Scalas says:

    First french tank that I actually think is beautiful . Stats are not that promising, though 😉

  25. Akina90 says:

    Same HP as a Type 59 but much less stronk 🙁

  26. Brandon Chadney says:

    another tank with camo I hate. I wish they would stop putting out tanks with camo you cant take off. I love french tanks and would buy it if it had normal camo options, but I am not wasting my money on crappy camo.

  27. Infernal969 says:

    How about they stop with the clown camos?

  28. helldix says:

    Omg pls no, not the AW tactic.

  29. Valkov says:

    Poor thing! With those stats will become worst tier 8 premium immediately after release.

  30. Pzart says:

    *sigh* I was looking forward to this tank but after the stat nerfs no freaking way. Don’t hate the paint but I won’t buy another crap T8 when there are so many other better options. To bad…

  31. heldermartins1 says:

    Its still in supertest…

    Chances are SP’s might dislike the stats, devs might end their weed trip, Russia might become a democratic nation, Turkie might join the E.U. … … …

    So many “what if”. And I was starting to like this tank…

  32. Glenn A says:

    Wish they would stop with special camos…they look really REALLY fucking retarded.

    What they should do is just give you 1 free summer,winter, and fall camo…problem solved without having an ugly ass camo.

  33. wfschepel says:

    I do hope they never release this eyesore. Certainly NOT going to get it if they do.

  34. Kellen says:

    So PC copied a camouflage and name off of one of our tanks and pasted it on a worse tank lol GG WG

  35. SEA Steve says:

    What a disappointment. WG will not my money for this one.

  36. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    Calm down, people.
    1) that camo
    i happen to like it. Its silly but patriotic. It ok if you don’t though. I didnt like that games con logo on the amx 57 and i regret not getting that otherwise great machine..
    2) it only super test.
    These stats arent permanent. Expect changes.
    That said; almost everything on that tank i can work with.
    The gun is not amazing but its good enough. The accuracy isnt laser like. but with that aim time i dont want to be exposed that long anyway. The pen with AP rounds is enough to tangle with teir 8’s and 9’s so it should make $$$ while training heavy crews.
    Still some room for improvement in the gold round. Maybe get its pen boosted up by increments until its not so weak. The RoF can use a boost but maybe the dispersion values are good enough to pull off some MLG snap shots (within a certain range)
    The Frontal armor is Stronk enough for poking corners or hiding your hull behind a rock/wreck and doing this all in town to hide the weak top sides and rear. If your out in the countryside the dispersion can make the upper glacis plate and turret really bouncy when poking ridge lines. (still gotta hide that side/rear from tier 6 tank though)

    But in all this the one thing that could tie this together (and is very missing at the moment) is mobility. That resistance is awful. Sure its a 70 ton tank but i dont see where the extra weight is going. Its not the HP pool. Its not the side armor. or those fat tracks…
    It would be better if the ground resistance gets incremental increases until it acceleration approaches a medium tank. (with that 40 kph top speed to keep things from going OP)

    Even with the dpm loss compared to the tech tree version… a more mobile version of this premium could be the next CDC.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Not all that bad, its got Foch hull armour. It might even be similar to the Mutant 6

  38. SEA Steve says:

    As it stands now, why would you take this over the 50T?

  39. Le quack says:

    So this is al tier 8 french heavy in the style of the low tier french tanks. Fine

  40. camaro16 says:

    Guys, stop yelling at each other.
    1. This tanks has 180mm sloped armour, this is good armour, turret is 250, but if you get sides, even 59-16 will own this tank, 40mm.
    2. When you have 1600 dpm at tier 8, well, you can only support.
    3. If you want really good stats, you have to be premium and play with premium vehicles. Then you can skip stock tanks, use gold ammo more often, etc. Get used to that or stop playing, we are past that point when premium tanks were worse or on par with regular ones, just compare cromwell b with regular cromwell.

  41. cool! A tank with the Dutch flag. 🙂 Shame about that frech words though. 😉 😀

  42. Inq says:

    Excusing the dreadful statistics of this tank for a minute…

    What the actual F U C K Wargaming?!?

    Seriously, “special” camo tanks like this are detrimental to PC WoT… Its meant to be a war game?!, It’s bad enough we have to put up with an annual MLG eyesores

    How hard is it to find a unused real French Army camo pattern?

    We don’t need god damn flag coloured/anime/sponsored or any other stupid as shit camo tanks in this game!!!

    I mean sure this is not a tank sim it’s an arcade game with a WW2/Korea aesthetic but it least it has that…
    If they release this where do they draw the line? I mean next month are we going to have neon Japanese tanks or Nvidia branded US tanks?!?

    I really hope this tank is boycotted/petitioned or even just relegated to WOT console, so it never makes it to a live server…
    I also hope WG fires who ever commissioned this camo scheme.

    • crazed feel says:

      I agree, i didn’t care much about the stats i was going to buy it anyway, but that camo, that FUCKING CAMO!
      I’m really mad because they’ve just fucked up the tank even more, that camo is disgusting, and a fucking rooster
      with the french devises (liberté, égalité, fraternité) on the gun’s barrel, wtf did they smoke !? That’s doesn’t make any fucking sens !
      No really they fucked up.
      (I’m french btw)

  43. Honcho says:

    More and more premiums… give me something to do in the game and introduce more tanks for research. The Swedes will give me something to do for a while, but boosting the content on existing trees wozld be nice.

  44. heldermartins1 says:

    I can only think about gay pride and “soft stats”, regarding these 2 tank pics above… I’m just hoping I’m not offending anyone. If so, sorry in advance. But I couldnt help it!

    • The meaning behind my picture is a foreshadowing. Sorry for vulgarity and rude expressiouns, but WG turned into a bitch, willing to release anything bullshit, for their money. I don’t care Blitz looks like this, I don’t care Console looks like this, but for god’s sake, why they need to turn this game into a stupid carnival. I think if someone wants this tank, he would buy the regular camo one as well, but WG wants more. I am not quite sure, even French people like this, because thinking myself into the same situation, with my own nation’s tank and flag colors painted over it, it would look silly and stupid, all the same like this. The best thing, WG could do about this – growing – issue, is to make an option into game settings, wether I want to see retarded camo tanks or not, simple as that.

      • Inq says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Wargaming are ruining the look of the game with stupid carnival colour tanks… Even if I was French I wouldn’t buy this; simply because it does not belong on a battlefield.

  45. Anonymous says:

    this tank is so beast when frontally engaging, but… dpm needs to be buffed up.

  46. Ioruba - NA server says:

    I am Gay soo i care about it !

  47. FYI on ST the ROF has been increased.

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