14 comments on “WoT Blitz: Collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles

  1. royshein says:

    oh well. at least there is not artillery

  2. deadarashi says:

    it kinda annoys me that WoT Blitz, WoT Console and WoT PC basically all do their own thing

  3. Reno Stefan says:

    What PC players could achieve with skin mods, are being sold on blitz..

  4. Cent says:

    It’s the goddamn title WG for christ’s sake

  5. Manuel says:

    And WOT Blitz gets another cool thing. Awesome.

    • SCARed says:

      well, if something like this is cool for a game based around tanks roughly from the WWII-era (a little extended), is a very personal thing, I guess.

      I for example am really annoyed by such fantasy-tanks. yes, there fans aout there for sure. but for me it really breaks the immersion, if you can speak of such things for WoT Blitz anyway.

  6. Blargy says:

    Why does WG keep trying to add anime crap to their games. It’s disgusting.

  7. Flames2Live says:

    Pretty sure the tank designs in Valkyria Chronicles were based off WWII Panzer tanks, just with a bit of a fantasy twist on them, other than that I’m a bit sad that only Blitz gets this 🙁

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