Swedish Lago I Initial Stats



the initial stats of the upcoming Swedish Lago I just came out:

-Thanks to Ctacello.

Tier: 4
Hitpoints: 350
Engine: //
Weight: //
Power-to-weight: //
Maximum speed: 45/18 km/h
Hull traverse: 33
Turret traverse: 30
Terrain resistance://
Viewrange: 330
Radio range: //
Hull armor: //
Turret armor://

Damage: 75/??/??
Penetration: 91/??/??
DPM: //
ROF: //
Reload: 2.6s
Accuracy: 0.36

Aimspeed: 2.4s

4 comments on “Swedish Lago I Initial Stats

  1. Takes quite some time to get to those t8-10 tanks. Only tanks which stats interest me.

  2. Oops I missed says:

    Is it true that wg only did swedes line because they could not get Italy line to go forward

    • Anonymous says:

      Sweden can build a much larger tech tree with no clones while Italy needs to use foreign tanks for the high tiers.

    • blockhaj says:

      Italy doesnt have the necesary tanks to build a single line. They have lights up to rank IV, mediums to VII, heavy’s to VI. and td’s/artillery to V.

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