9.15.1 vs 9.16 Armor comparison screenshots



Back after being rendered on the bed for a few hours, woman flu is an even more serious business than Man flu. And need to tell you, I’m bringing extra hands into RSR for times like these.

Here’s some screenshot’s comparison between 9.15.1 and 9.16 vehicles that received armor changes:

In this article: AMX 50 Foch, Matilda IV, 112, A-43, M4A2E4 Sherman, C-51.

AMX 50 Foch

Matilda IV



M4A2E4 Sherman


15 comments on “9.15.1 vs 9.16 Armor comparison screenshots

  1. john says:

    she must’ve got it from Hillary

  2. Yolo says:

    C-51. Interesting

  3. tombosoldier says:

    C-51. Interesting

  4. Wachira says:

    C-51. intresting

  5. None of your buisness says:

    wtf happend to matilda!?
    can i see normal SS !?

  6. celiojedi says:

    On soviet Russia S is C 😛

  7. wheeledtank says:

    On the topic of Smellyriver’s Tank Inspector, is anyone else getting some very odd texture errors with the new HD models?

  8. vipercann says:

    hit the foch harder. it’s not dead yet.
    let say, why dont we just remove all the front armor? it’s already useless.

    • Corvi says:

      Whats the problem ? The MG turret got a HUGE Buff and the Rangefinder only lost 30mm of armor, not like it couldnt be penned by everything anyway.
      Otherwise nothing changed.

      • vipercann says:

        how many times you shot the MG turret when there is a “bigger” weakspot just next to it?

        actually that’s the point, why are they still wasting their time with this tank. nobody is playing with it anymore (except me i think). stop making something worse about that poor machine.

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