11 comments on “WoWS- Wait for Me

  1. abusemtex says:

    Even though war related games are very popular through out the whole history of video gaming, it’s allways good to remember that there are no spare lifes in reality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If memory serves, that poem or at least something similar, was in the TV series “World at War” from the 1970’s.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was the first war gaming video that touched me

  4. If anyone is tired of waiting for the HD KV-2 here’s a mod doing it for WG: http://www.milkym4n.com/modshop/remodels/kv-2-hd-remodel/

    Just leaving this here, it’s a popular tank 🙂

  5. yingyu0502 says:

    true, if u play war game too much, u will understand life is not a game, there`s no restart again

  6. Xenomass says:

    truely amazing

  7. Anonymous says:

    Given the anecdotal effectiveness of soviet and russian Navy no wonder they put omg so sad video.

    • abusemtex says:

      “Dinitij, go get three more men an carry torpedos to starboard tubes!”
      “But captain, everyone on ship including you is heavily drunk – we should not carry explosives…!”
      “Dimitrij – that was direct order from captain! Do as I told you!”


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