5 comments on “Fractured Space Launch Trailer

  1. alhambra117 says:

    Definitely getting it as soon as I get a decent PC.

  2. mark west says:

    IM a big scifi fan and gamer, but this looks really lame. Plus, 5X5 means u get 1 tomato on ur team and u lose so i have ZERO interest.

  3. Yeah, played it a bunch of hours, most frustrating game ever, ships are really specialized and if even one doesnt do his job it usually means defeat, 5 vs 5 is not working, game is also really cpu/gpu heavy.

  4. bones2oo21 says:

    bought this game before free to play got to say they haven’t impressed me anyways with how they fix bugs. last time i played this game a month ago match maker would still fail 3 or 4 times due to player drops just before match starting now that bug has been there since I bought the game before free to play. Just an heads up.

  5. pixywing says:

    Found the games to somehow be more landslide wins/loses than World of Tanks, didn’t even think it was possible.

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