9.16 Test Server Closed for update



the 9.16 Test Server has been temporarily shut down to perform some fixes:


-Fixed the reloading indicator when watching replays.

-Fixed turret rotation near objects

-Fixed the display of translucent foliage when selected in the menu.

-Fixed the FPS drop when switching tabs in the window settings.

-Fixed WoT unexpected self start after a closing game

They haven’t said a word of when it’s supposed to be back.

11 comments on “9.16 Test Server Closed for update

  1. Shade01982 says:

    “-Fixed WoT unexpected self start after a closing game”

    This is already an issue in the current version and it took them a test server of the next version to notice this?

    And still no response on the whole changing ammunition order bug as well…

    • runaway11 says:

      -line of fire (camera) in minimap
      -icon of block hull in damage panel (TD with turret only)
      -recursive platoon in-game mensage
      -tier 1 spotted in garage when you send battle platooning
      -black listed playes vary from players pannels or holding TAB
      -minimap showing tanks already dead as alive

  2. CLAYM0RE says:

    im on the test server now logged out and in again its online

  3. Blade William Mckenzie says:

    I’m more interested in when we’ll get 9.16 as an update to live server. The fact that all sales on the server I’m on end on the 1st of October implies something to me.

  4. Looking to upgrade my sounds, does anyone know if WG is planning to ever add 5.1/7.1 surround to WoT ? Or will they keep with 2.0 for long… Its the main game that I play so that would make the difference between investing in nice 5.1 speakers or staying with headphones and eventualy using virtual surround (I dont really want to invest in speakers if more than half of them will be off 70 % of the time).

    • I don’t know, but Id say they would have done so with the recent sound overhaul, so I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon. Id love 5.1 surround as well, but WG is a bit behind the times on the technical side of things…

  5. Might want to change your image in this post, Rita. You have a super test image, when this is just the regular test server.

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