Swedish Emil II Statistics


Hello everyone,

Today we have the stats for the Swedish Tier IX heavy tank as they are in supertest.



Tier: 9

Hitpoints: 1700

Maximum speed: 56/18 km/h

Hull traverse: 25 deg/sec

Turret traverse: 20 deg/sec (only gun)

Aimspeed: 3.0s

Viewrange: 380m

Damage: 400/??/??

Penetration: 242/??/??

Reload: 40s (autoload gun) 4 shells in drum

Elevation/Depression: -12deg/+8deg



41 comments on “Swedish Emil II Statistics

  1. ryanlj says:

    More depression than elevation lel

    • dmminion says:

      Well the 50120 has awful depression and elevation, this one has more depression than any tank in the game but the Dicker Max. making it a hull down autoloading beast that are way more confortable to play and because of the angle, it might be able to bounce shells while doing so.

  2. Darkom1973 says:

    IS-3 with insane gun depres. and AMX 50 B gun and turret..surely not OP

  3. Patata Caliente says:

    I don’t like the AMX 50 120 very much, and this one looks quite similar so far in most respects. Not impressed. Wonder how long it will take between shots, though. The 3.3 sec the AMX takes between shots is perhaps the worst feature of the tank.

    • Anonymous says:

      …that’s much less per round then the other tier x heavies with the same damage and its faster so u can quickly hide to reload. If the tank is bad then u must be a horrible player, no offense.

      • Patata Caliente says:

        To unload the clip you need roughly 13 seconds, which is means you cannot unload the full clip peek-a-boo style without getting an answer, which will hurt, since you have little armour, especially if your opponent knows what he’s doing and tracks you. This does not mean that it cannot work, but it does not work like, say, on the AMX 50 100. But yeah, I am horrible, and you are genius, of course. Never let an opportunity slip to troll others when you can, right?

    • dmminion says:

      At least this one has epic gundepression. πŸ˜€

  4. fighting_falcon93 says:

    3 seconds aim time 😐 Well that sux πŸ™

    • heldermartins1 says:

      Not 3 secs aiming time; its 3.33 secs between shots. Aiming time is about 2,59 secs, without modules and perks, If Im correct.

  5. Tanky McTankface says:

    funny that the pics are from himmelsdorf, where that elevation will cause some “oh shit wtf” moments…

  6. gpc_4 says:

    So the better gun depression is balanced by having considerably worse tank/turret traverse then the 50 120? It’ll all be about the time between shells.

  7. real_toothdecay says:

    More clones. Looks French to me.

  8. lafie says:

    Interesting. Whether in a good way, or a bad way remains to be seen.

  9. senaya says:

    3 seconds of aim plus 242 mm pen w/o gold is pretty bad. I wonder if it’s going to have good accuracy to compensate for low pen and long aim time.

    • CynicalDutchie says:

      How is that bad? All the T9 heavies have between 240-260 mm of pen. Maybe you should spam less gold and actually learn to aim for once?

    • Infernal969 says:

      240 pen in a speedy autoloader at tier 9 is now considered bad. OK.

    • t0X1n says:

      Patton and e50 are cursing you for your bad memmory… i think they have 218 and 220 mm pen guns… how is 240 bad? I haven’t met a tank that I couldn’t handle with that penn. Yeah it tough if you meet a t10 heavy from front, but that crosshair is not only for auto aim πŸ™‚

  10. deadarashi says:

    Would honestly rather it be a single shot gun. Last thing we need is an insanely fast tank with a 120mm autoloader (or there abouts based on damage)

    • Anonymous says:

      You should see what the tier 10 would be like if they added with its its historical modules
      It would be the hull of a T-10 or even IS7 and a 50B turret with 180mm armor and a 15cm gun.
      Basically a Foch 155 with a turret.

      And the saddest thing is Wg are removing the 155 from the Foch 155 (Now Foch (Auto)) because they didn’t like its power, playsyle, ect reasons and now they add this new hideous Waffletractor MK II in.

      • deadarashi says:

        Oh I know what they’re doing to the Foch 155, It’s become the tier 9 with an autoloading 120mm gun instead of the 155mm… Not a bad thing. Honestly I don’t thing autoloaders should be in the game, they’re just too hard to balance compared to a regular single shot

  11. Bryan says:

    Any pics with brighter screen or place ? Dessert maps are better don’t you think

  12. Next Autoloader super fast paper tank (glass cannon). The Meta of the game really develops in a direction that is not very pleasing IMHO.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is like a poor man’s version of the 50 120

  14. Alex Almond says:

    I see problems if it’s a popular line in randoms. Anyone pushing forward will get popped off rapidly whilst the usual suspects will stay and hide giving them change to reload. It’s probably well balanced, it’ll just make tier 7 -> x suck for a few weeks whilst they are the new flavour of the month.

  15. Looks like a lower dpm AMX 50 120 with a 110 hull and comet gun depression. The AMX 50 120 is already below the power curve so creating this lower dpm and slightly better armored tank will keep it at the same power level as a 110. Most of this tank’s leaked stats don’t line up with historical stuff but as statistically the 110 has worse armor efficiency than an IS-3 according to vAbbidct so I would expect this armor to fall short as well even though it is supposed to be better than a 50 120. What is important though is the intra-clip reload if it will be 3 sec long or 2.5 sec long makes a big difference for an autoloader and its abillity to perma track its prey in the open and also managing the tank’s dpm. This tank will almost always have to play on hills to get its turret to an autobounce angle and avoid being caught with its pants down because its 8 degrees of gun elevation can be crippling. The tank’s front also sticks out a lot which I find as an annoying problem of the 110 and its pike nose. If the tank had its turret mounted mid section then side scrapping would be an option

  16. Anonymous says:

    Gun depression has to be an error

  17. Terminus says:

    Id actually relate the hull more to the E50, its going to be bouncy under the right circumstances. But in terms of movement characteristics, its likely going to be like the E50. It might be fast, but it will take considerable amounts of time to actually reach that speed and it will only really maintain that speed when traveling in a strait line.

    As for the turret I really think it compares better to the T54E1, they are both 4 shot autos, it can bounce hits if the angle is good. But expect penetrating hits if you get caught out.

    And given it has less health then some t9 mediums, getting caught out is going to cost you heavily.

    Also i dont think this will be another WT E100, The WT was a highley accurate sniper, this thing looks like its accuracy iwill be compareable to a russian heavy. It will be a mid to close range support tank.

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