VK 65.01 (H) Updated Stats


Good day everyone,

You may remember awhile back that a German Tier V heavy was being tested (and if not). Well its still kicking around in supertest, here are its new stats…



The project was developed in early 1939. Planned weight was 65 tons, with 80mm of frontal armor, 600 horsepower engine, and a short barreled 75mm gun. The project went through many stages but was ultimately scrapped before the end of 1941 do to being impractical.


Tier 5

HP: 700

Weight: 65.75 tons

Power/Weight: 9.27

Max Speeds: 30kp/h fwd. 15kp/h rev.

Hull Rotation: 30 deg/s

Turret Rotation: 25 deg/s

Terrain Resistance: 0.959/1.151/2.397

View Range: 360m

Radio Range: 646.6m

Hull Armor: 80/80/80mm


Gun: 75mm KwK L40

Damage: 110/110/175

Penetration: 108/124/38mm

Rate of Fire: 15.26

DPM: 1678.75

Reload: 3.93sec.

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 1.63sec.

Depression/Elevation: -10/+20




24 comments on “VK 65.01 (H) Updated Stats

  1. CounterMAN says:

    Hull Armor: 80/80/80mm
    Turret Armor : 80/80/80mm

    Seem ok. but if this thing meet tier 7 with 108/124mm pen gun, it will become a tier 5 AMX40

    • wheeledtank says:

      It could have been stuck with the 7.5cm L/24 cannon from the Pz IV A, so there’s that. Personally, I never had a problem with the 7.5cm L/48, even with the standard ammo AND when the Pz IV Schmalturm was at tier V (I used the stock Pz IV turret then).

  2. wheeledtank says:

    Mobility seems meh. Poor hp/t, but decent terrain resistance (compared to the other tier V heavies) should make it feel average when on flat ground. The traverse is also decent enough.

    Armoring is pretty good. I’ve seen the armor layout, and it doesn’t have too many noticeable weakpoints. Couple that with the 80mm all around and 700hp, it will definately take a beating before going down (except from howitzers, the Flakbus/Bath tub, and O-I exp.). The mini-turret will cause some problems with angling (it is 80mm, but it can’t be angled due to its shape)

    Firepower is really a matter of opinion. it doesn’t have the 7.5/5.5cm that the VK30.01(H) has, nor does it have the howitzer from the Pz IV H (it did have plans for it though), but I personally never had too many problems with the L/48 (or L/43. I used those in the Stock Pz IV turret when the Pz IV had access to the Schmalturm and L/70). It will definitely have some problems with high-tier opponents, but so do most (if not all) vehicles that lack some sort of high-pen/high-damage gun.

    I would say it is worth taking a deeper look at, but until it is released, this is only speculation

  3. real_toothdecay says:

    Ok, but really, why and who cares ?

  4. Kulingile says:

    I’m seeing a clone of the T14/Excelsior with slightly more pen, lower dpm, and more hit points. The gun handling is better, but then gun handling seems to be the “trait” WG is giving the German tree. At least the 80mm all round should give it the bounciness of a KV-1, even if the angling is worse.

    I’m surprised that WG would want to introduce a Tier 5 heavy that is less mobile than a KV-1. It’s slower and has lower hp/ton. I can’t imagine the ground resistances would be good either – not with almost 66 tons on that small a track area: ground pressure would be crazy.

    The view range is nice, though. I see this being a support/sniping heavy, particularly with it’s good gun handling and accuracy, but poor dpm. The armor could allow it to be used as a true heavy when top tier, but the low pen is going to cause problems against most tier 6 and 7 tanks.

  5. anodjl says:

    il est présent en jeu depuis déjà 2 maj et avec ces “nouvelles stats”
    it is now in play for already 2 maj with these “new stats”


    • Cr says:

      Oh.. I had no idea about when did those changes were implemented when I found them. (yes, “I”)

      So the other changes I found are probably also set for a while. 5-6 other tanks, including the VK100.01, were tweaked.
      (a post about them should appear tomorrow, with my nick as source. But not here..)

  6. SkaerKrow says:

    Barring the low speed, this actually looks like a decent premium tank. Not amazing of course, but very playable.

  7. lafie says:

    I’d buy it. Only as long as it’s reasonably priced of course, but if it is, I’d buy it.

  8. Mark Varry says:

    Looking forward to playing this. Im expecting this to play like a vk30.01H thats had a engine hit. Gun should be decent enough at tier 5, use gold at tier 6, hope for a quick death at tier 7.

  9. Rombat says:

    A Christmass Marathon?

  10. Infernal969 says:

    I assume this thing will se tier 7, so it’s pretty trash with that gun and lousy DPM.

  11. wolvenworks says:

    dunno man….sounds like one of those tanks that you want to GTFO fast

  12. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    8 cm armor? Wonder where did that mass went.
    What is the turret armor, since it may be a major weakspot.

    • ShiftyOne says:

      It’s about 88 mm thick, like the Churchill III’s turret armor. While the hull can be angled, I don’t think that angling the turret armor will be a available or possible option.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This thing will suck horribly: horrible pen, bad alpha, bad DPM, mediocre mobility and accuracy and ok all-round armor that might help against some T5 guns. Viewrange, aimtime and gun-depression are nice, but won’t save it. Might be some fun as top-tier, but T6 tanks will completely murder it not to speak of T7.

  14. Mike-T 2016 says:

    For a Tier 5 Premium Heavy Tank the stats look good enough
    ~ except for the Gun 124mm with Gold ammo? enough for Tier 5 no problem

    at Tier 6,
    well that is really bad news will NEVER make money if forced to shoot Gold, pointless as a credit maker or crew trainer
    this new T5 Premium Heavy Tank against say a KV85? is a joke really, the Tier 6 KV85 can and will crush it instantly

    at Tier 7,
    lol, and lol and lol easiest WN8 farming for Tier 7’s in the game
    with just 124mm Gold penetration, so err, do exactly what with that in a Heavy tank?
    c’mon people, now how about fighting a T29 or a IS? what you think will happen?

    Preferential MM, is only way with that sad little Gun and 124mm Gold ammo

    • ShiftyOne says:

      Unfortunately it seems that WarGaming is no longer interested in adding premium tanks with pref mm in the game anymore. Probably will just be another scam like the Pz III K intending to make more money for WarGaming. Make a tank available for only a certain week, and trick people into buying them. I can’t believe that quite a few people bought those tanks, and within a few weeks nobody played them anymore. Tier 4 armor and gun on a tier 5? Not a good combo against the many derps at tier 5.

  15. coroc says:

    Isnt that thing just a Panzer Ii J with a better gun, which is still slightly terrible for its tier?

  16. Anonymous says:

    It shares the fate of the Stug IV reward tank, so i expect it only +1 mm.

    But no idea for what it should be, too worse for shop, not really a rewarding tank so really a tier 5 christmas present? No idea…

  17. The armor, accuracy, and dpm seem pretty great, people have always made low pen work, like most tier 5 heavies it will play a medium role remarkably well in a tier 7 battle because its health can eat a lot of tier 7 medium tank dmg. My biggest problem with this tank is whether it will be put in the ingame store and how tier III’s and IV’s will fight it. Even tier V lights like the Chaffee and tier 6 tanks like the 59-16 will have a nightmare time penning this tank when going through KV’s was difficult enough as it is. I can’t even imagine what it will be like for tier III tanks, did you know the T-15 only has 74mm of pen with its gold? This was why the T-14 had to be removed and why the excelsior can stay in game because its 30mm side armor keeps the tank balanced.

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