9.16_1 Micropatch


Good day everyone,

A micropatch was released earlier today in order to fix a few technical issues, and a substantial bug involving the bushes and other foliage not giving their proper camouflage coefficient.

That’s all for now.


*Note: Micropatch has only been confirmed on RU and NA servers. No official word from EU.

21 comments on “9.16_1 Micropatch

  1. Anonymous says:

    So that’s why kv2s and t 150 Keep seeing me. Thoght I played badly for a moment….

  2. I can imagine a lot of people with mods being annoyed by this but glad they’re rushing out a fix now than later ^^ (this is why WG decreased the number of mod users in 9.16 so they wouldn’t get mad) Turn on your auto update guys!

    • orgerix says:

      If that means I am no longer spotted at 200m in a bush when I drive my LT, I will gladly update my mods or at least remove them.

    • Jesha says:

      This update did not change the game version from 9.16 to 9.16.something, so mods were not affected.

      • Tommy_Gun says:

        erm… what kind of mods do people still need ?!
        I hope something like garage clock, ar calculator or maybe a some HD skin for a tank…
        Everything else is a cheat so… well…

  3. Laserguided says:

    They could also bring back allchat. Team chat is dead without cross-team chat.

  4. PCosa says:

    Ehh Tiger, tank feared for its armor. In WoT is HP sponge with fast firing low alpha cannon. So wrong..

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can confirm that I did get spotted a lot in the LWT since the patch, including being in a bush.

  6. Rombat says:

    The most hyped feature of spotting without delay is not working…maybe they are doing something about this

  7. hello been trying to comment on here forever and it never seems to work any way of reaching Rita and asking her to ask about the panzer 4 smalturm hd armor model and engine buff?

  8. wolvenworks says:

    can confirm that SEA will prolly get 9.16 at 12 Oct. a CoAF guy told me. Best a mod can tell me is early next week, which still matches with 12 Oct. also, Tan said SEA team is currently a bit of a mess due to restructuring

  9. siralexice says:

    No patch in EU. Spotting mechanics is still shit, just got killed in the bush while the enemy was in the open. I was spotted first and shot, then the enemy was spotted.. Because f* you.

  10. thebugmonster says:

    anyone else been crashing a lot? i was playing my T2 light, and i crashed 3 times in 1 game…..and even after i restarted the client i eventually crashed.

  11. (8.10.2016) World of Tanks – 9.16 – Concealment issue

    Dear Commanders,

    We would like to inform you that this morning we have deployed a server-side patch that fixed the issue with the vehicle concealment coefficient getting changed near bushes.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Good luck on the battlefield.

    Your Customer Support Team

  12. siralexice says:

    EU support thinks there was a patch on friday last week. Of course there was no such thing. Support is made of full retards.

  13. Landedkiller says:

    any chance rita ever checks the comments here

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