11 comments on “October 13th Server Maintenance

  1. deadarashi says:

    WoT Asia is currently down and they also used the server maintenance to FINALLY release 9.16 here… 1 more hour until I can play 9.16

  2. zebislaw says:

    45min? Are they going to replace all the radios in the tanks manually???

    • deadarashi says:

      Asia server has a 3hr 30min server maintenance down time…

      • zebislaw says:

        That is because of 9.16. All the serves had such a downtime. I am wondering why you need 45min to apply radio range fix.

    • They said they’d be fixing some other technical issues, please read the post before making yourself look like a pleb. It’s like a cleaner was hired and he told you he’d clean the house and fix a broken light bulb, he walks out 45 min later and you ask him why did it take him 45 min to change the light bulb? like dude, the world does not revolve around a light bulb.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No one cares about Asia…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Completely unrelated but Rita, do you know why the blog The Fleet Review hasn’t posted in almost two weeks? Thank you, and keep up with the good content

  5. siralexice says:

    There is no notice on the EU side, no info, no nothing.

  6. Valgurth says:

    Is because of the great purge that is going to happen on October 15th. The Ban Hammer will be prepared with this maintenance.

  7. Anonymous says:

    what have they done to that Tiger????

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