VK100.01 Supertest Stats


Latest stats of the German Tier 8 heavy, straight from supertest.



Tier 8

HP: 1700

Engine Power: 1,200

Weight: 120.45 ton

Power to Weight: 9.96

Speed: 20kph (for.)/ 15kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 15°/s

Turret Traverse: 15.6°/s

Terrain Resistances: 0.767/0.863/1.918

Hull Armor: 200/130/?mm

Turret Armor: 220/160/?mm

View Range: 400m

Signal Range: 740.4m


128mm Kw.K L/50

Damage: 490/490/630

Penetration: 220/250/65mm

DPM: 1803.5

Rate of Fire: 3.681

Reload: 16.301s

Accuracy: 0.384

Aim Time: 2.59 sec

Elevation/Depresion: +30°/-8°

54 comments on “VK100.01 Supertest Stats

  1. rubberboas says:

    Damn that looks fun,
    Better overall than the O-Ho, and less idiotic to fight against

    Makes me wish that thI 127mm stock gun in the type 4 was available to the O-ho

    • the weakest armor frontally on the vk 100 is 180 mm of armor, the O-Ho has 200mm armor minimum, also, the O-Ho has 400 more dpm with its 100 cm or the option of its 15 cm which pretty much does the same dmg for the rate of fire so long as you don’t shoot like a muppet.

      • Adrian Paredes says:

        Oho has flat armor plates, this one is sloped

      • yeah but you can angle this .. you can’t angle the oho.. and the oho have no frontal gun depression

      • You can’t angle the coupola on the VK 100 and you should never fire over the front of the O-Ho because if you do, that means you’re not angling your tank. O-Ho’s lower plate is 260 mm effective, mid plate is around 230mm thick, the mini turrets are 215mm thick and the turret face is 215mm thick if you can hit it at a flat angle. It’s pretty much the same armor value as the Vk 100 except stronger lower plate and the weak point is below the gun, not above it.

  2. Garbad says:

    I want some of what WG has been smoking, how do they think tier 6s are going to deal with this monstrosity? What a joke

    • rear armor is about 130mm thick at a steep angle and its copula is 180mm thick minimum, most gold rounds will punch through it but as a general rule like with the 110, T32, and IS-3, tier 6’s shouldn’t be able to pen a tier 8 heavy from the front or a flat side.

      • that is a crap rule if true.. and i part of the problem with the game if bottom tier tanks can pen you frontally then you have no useful armor

      • Pretty much, bottom tiers really have to focus on tracking and spotting their targets if they can’t flank the enemy all together (really isn’t as hard as it sounds, the challenge is surviving til mid to late game to do any flanking) that’s also why the lower the tier, generally, the better the camo.

  3. leggasiini says:


  4. Let’s make a Maus at tier 8 and with spaced back armor ! Nothing can go wrong. Also that’s gonna be a premium because we need money and people will get bored of PzIIJ after a while.

    • Psychopatton says:

      Because nothing ever goes wrong for the Maus? 😁 And this will be put in a new branch leading up to the Maus. Starting from the Tiger P. (if rumors are true)

      • Maus has a hard life at tier X because of gold, but anyone who doesnt fire gold has troubles killing it. At tier 8 this frontal armor will be a problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        In regards to Tier 8’s having a problem, check the live collision model in tanks.gg, the lower plate seems to be the likely weakspot. If you can’t get the lower plate, aim for the cupola — albeit, tricky to pen but doable.

    • The spaced armor really only prevents he and heat shells, behind it there is 30 mm of armor so the total value is less than 130mm at a 45 degree angle, any more of an angle and may as well shoot the sides.

  5. Psychopatton says:

    I’m already grinding. You will be mine forever, my love!

  6. arentatano says:


    lets put a tank with E75…w8 no
    MORE armor than E75 (with the 1 exception of 10 less lower plate)
    and put it at tier 8 so tier 6s who have 150pen have to fight it.
    what could possibly go wrong.

    and lets make the cupola over 200mm effective.

    • ShiftyOne says:

      A lot of tier 6s have to fight against tier 8s that they cannot penetrate from the front, or even the sides. The KV-4 and IS-3 are pretty much impossible for many tier 6 gold shells to penetrate frontally, with the exception of certain tanks and tds. All you have to do is take them by the sides, just like with the Japanese heavies. 130mm on the sides is not hard for tier 6 to punch through with regular AP.

      • arentatano says:

        easy 8,
        type 58

        all got 126-128 pen

        vs a 130mm side…..

        gold to pen……………

      • The VK 100 has large tracks, I know the general rule is to avoid tracking and spotting your enemy when you’re bottom tier but you should give it a try.

      • Peter says:

        75% of my TD will pen the side including my Tier V stug III – at Tier 6 T34-85, Skoda T40, Cromwell, the new Swedish auto loader and the Tier V skoda T24 – far as I can see it is just another behemoth

      • Bot says:

        Lets not forget about A-43 (112 base pen, on worse gun 123). That is ridiculous…

    • Xavier says:

      Same thought process behind putting a Tier 5 heavy with 70mm all around armor, 100mm gun that kills anything at tier 5 with 1 or 2 hits, weighs 100 tons, and oh yeah, goes 40 kph

      • The VK 100 is no where near as mobile for its tier as the O-I exp and significantly worse dpm tier for tier. It’s probably more akin to the O-I at tier 6 if the O-I’s mini turrets were moved from its mid plate and put on the top of its head. Definitely not going to be hard to hit there. If you can’t deal with the tank, just go to the other flank or perma track it, it really isn’t that difficult, almost every other tank will be more mobile than it.

    • ShiftyOne says:

      Hmm, good point I had thought that the penetration had been buffed to past 130mm for tier 6 vehicles like the VK 30.01P. That definitely is going to be a problem.

  7. Will buy jus too see thos tier 6 and 7 Cry and write topics like “i leave WOT”

  8. theundying says:

    By GOD this thing’s ugly.

    • димо says:

      AMX 13 57 GF , leKpz M 41 90 mm GF , Skorpion G , Rudy , Fury … these tanks make me puke because of their anti-historical and commercial visual appearance

  9. димо says:

    Noooo, stop producing fake tonks WG, enough is enough
    when will see FCM 1A , Char 2C , FCM 2 , Neubaufahrzeug , T-35A , SMK , Vickers A1E1 Independent

    • димо says:

      if the lack of multi-turret system is the reason you dont implement these tanks mentioned above, then why do we have japanese hevavy line? they are all multi-turret… so its a fake reason… so you lie… so i lose my confidence in you… so i ma dissapointed and wont buy anything from you

  10. димо says:

    this is one very stupid boring clone of Maus, come on, show some creativity WG , all clones you make are useless and i hate them

  11. Mike-T 2016 says:

    hmm confused?
    A Jap Heavy in the German tech tree? well the stats read like a Jap Heavy that WG just make up as they do.
    all those dumb heavy tank players that not read mini-map just steer ‘forwards’ this will just be perfect for – like the Jap Heavies

    • димо says:

      this is not jap heavy, its E100 on tier 8 , but yeah its dumb clone for dumb players
      but very likely this wont be ingame

    • SirNopp says:

      I like how you talk about the Japanese heavies that they dun require “skill” when some ppl can just press their 2 key twice and farm a Japanese Heavy. In my opinion, for a decent player like me, the Japanese heavies requires some level of thinking to tank “skill” rounds. And of course the heavies have to go forward into one side, or else they’ll be food for arty and flanking of course if they camp base you’ll probably complain too because oh my WN8 is 1000 so I must be a good player blah blah blah

  12. Adrian Paredes says:

    So, this one have the 128mm cannon while the tiger 2 still uses the 105 cannon? really?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Given the stats this is clearly a mislabeled tier 9. Don’t panic 😛

  14. madogthefirst says:

    Going to add in a Tier 8 Maus, you are funny man. I would probably pick it up though.

  15. Elijah Leigh William says:

    More op trash, lower tiers already have enough issues and here comes more.

  16. deadarashi says:

    Well, the armore gun buffed a lot compared to last time it was on supertest:

    Hull armor: 140/120/100
    Turret armor: 210/100/80

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great, a tier 8 E75, Somewhat-Comparably

  18. don wardaddy says:

    my T34 is loading its AP round, iwill see ur armour,, u fukin little maus….. i m waiting 4 uhhh

  19. Gray_Fox says:

    I worry that this will be like the Japanese heavies/Mauschen we had on the test server a while ago. OP when top tier and just a gold-magnet that gets penned like butter when not.

  20. don wardaddy says:

    my T34 is loading its AP round,, u fukin little maus….. i m waiting 4 uhhh

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is this going to be a premium tank or what?

  22. StyleZ says:

    So, this will be researchable Tier8 from Tiger P?

  23. baileyhun says:

    That’s a e100 with a funny turret and armor of a Japanese heavy #plsnerf

  24. CelticArchangel says:

    I love this whole “What a ****ing joke. No tier 6 can handle this from the front, even with gold!”
    GOOD!!! Means its doing its damn job. Try using your WASD hacks and FLANK the stupid this. Nothing about this new VK screams speed. Stop whining that you can’t kemp bush and buy your victory with premium rounds.

  25. GrimmReaperBG says:

    Can it be slower than 20 km/h? Because it would be fantastic to flight with the wind while running away fromt he E100, which has about 40% better speed…..

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