8 comments on “What Are On Tracks?

  1. malkowitch says:

    Yeah, but that is faaaaar from EU 🙂

  2. err what have you done with meat head !

  3. CelticArchangel says:

    These have only been in game for OVER TWO YEARS… but sure, let’s have an introduction.

  4. Anonymous says:

    still…….WAY better than TOP OF THE TREE we have on EU server

  5. Go NA server! They had the brains to actually make a tutorial for the new players! wait what? there are new players every day? who ever knew haha

  6. Sarcasm aside, a lot of players I talk to never even knew there was a missions tab in their garage, it’s good of them to go over the basics. Maybe they could finally get around to adding rental tanks for credits so people don’t have to wait for a test server to test tanks and maybe they could finally get around to updating their caveman style in-game tutorial.

  7. RMH says:

    Is 2 weeks really enough time to grind up a line from tier 1-10? I imagine a serious investment in time to do that much tanking (verging on addiction). Pls educate me if I’m wrong.

  8. pixywing says:

    No gold no thanks.

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