12 comments on “Live fire trials against the S-tank

  1. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Someone ate the R and now there’s only sauce left 🙁

  2. SerB's Rasp of Nerf says:

    Stronk tenk!

  3. killswitch95 says:

    Because we need our wedge shaped tank to go through Hurricane testing…

    Maybe nuke shock wave testing?

  4. dmminion says:

    I already saw this video last week I randomly found on youtube. I look so much forward to power grind this baby! I got everything ready, free xp to skip modules so I don’t have to play stock tanks, 5th skill crew, gold to retrain crew, 100 million credits, garage slots.

  5. Tommy_Gun says:

    It is funny how they test all kind of stuff but don’t test something that will happen most often – direct hit by 120mm, 122mm and 125mm guns (that Russians were using at that time).
    Also whatching this I kinda think like this tests were made specialy for that tank, so it could survie it.

    I think they should have test this tank with direct KV-2 152mm gun hit. If the tank would sorvive this, then eaven atom bomb wont kill it 😀

    • Asghaad says:

      nope, from its contemporaries (it entered service in 1967) only T-64 used 125 mm smoothbore, the most common USSR tank at that point would be T54/55 with 100mm gun.

      and it would take another five years before T-72 (basically T64 stripped of its composite armor …) would enter mass production.

      PS: in the video they say tank will not survive direct hit by 150mm artillery HE shell. Thing is, good luck hitting low profile fast MBT that can take you out from 2-3km range with WW2 relic like KV2 in 1960ties … concept of heavy tank was long since dead by the time S-tank rolled into service.

      • Tommy_Gun says:

        In realit KV-2 was a relic. It could ony fire when the turret was in certain position. Otherwise the recoil wold jamed the turret.

        In WoT KV-2 can shoot while moving and becouse of RNG it can even hit fast-moving light tanks (while still moving 😀 )
        So hitting small fast moving target (example ELC AMX) is not a problem here 😀 XD

      • arra90 says:

        I i remember correctly the 125mm smoothebore guns would go right through the front and exit out the back leaving the tank wrecked.

      • blockhaj says:

        The heavy tank wasnt dead yet. The krv was suposed to enter service in 60-63.

    • Kyros says:

      In WoT you will still get bounces of it’s side with your FV 183 and no dmg hits.

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