World of Tanks-War Child Armistice


Good day everyone,

WarGaming has partnered with the charity War Child, which specializes in assisting children who are affected by armed conflict. From 06:00 November 6th to 06:00 November 14th Wargaming will have the following emblems available in the premium shop:


The net profit from the sales of these emblems will be donated to War Child and their efforts around the world. For more info on the charity, as well as the upcoming Armistice Day, Richard Cutland has a brief chat with the CEO of War Child and a quick history lesson from the YouTube Channel, Extra Credits.


11 comments on “World of Tanks-War Child Armistice

  1. gpc_4 says:

    For all servers?

  2. cptBabaNovac says:

    s see if WG can also give some of is revenues. That will be something .

  3. Psychopatton says:

    If you can afford premium account and premium tanks, at least the 1.99 option should be doable for most. But ofc up to yourself.

  4. ghost59fr says:

    Already done.

  5. Lol, and sponsor WG 🙂 I bet they will keep 20/40% of everything to them self, if you want to support give money on there website, then you know for sure.

  6. nano852 says:

    I’m feeling like a generous god. A poor one. But still generous.

  7. Nevermind says:

    It seems that they are not on the SEA server. But then why would I expect the monkey who runs SEA to ever do the right thing.

  8. trig says:

    How much of the price is netto? WG takes a share, WarChield likely, too.

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