Chieftain’s Veteran’s Day Special


Good day everyone,

The Chieftain has put up a small video giving a shoutout to those veterans working at WarGaming and an interview with WW2 tanker Tom Sator:


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5 comments on “Chieftain’s Veteran’s Day Special

  1. abusemtex says:

    What a symphatic man.
    Just an ordinary soldier talking very honestly what he experienced without any arrogance you see so often by sovjet veterans. Just glad he got out of it alive.

  2. Ioruba - NA server says:

    I not get it, we now buy a T26E5 partriot and a T26E5 ? have two of the same tanks in garage ? Its like that ???

  3. morganakis_gr says:

    stop copy-paste news from wargaming .if we want to see this is already there

  4. Ioruba - NA server says:

    thank you dear

  5. […] The Chieftain has posted the full interview of which part was usedĀ hereĀ . […]


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