World of Tanks Blitz Now on Steam


World of Tanks Blitz is now in full release on Steam for both Windows and Mac OS

Windows Requirments:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 3 GB available space

Mac Requirments:


26 comments on “World of Tanks Blitz Now on Steam

  1. Anonymous says:

    is it going to be the same problem as with thenew call of duty. that players that that donwloaded on steam cant play with players that downloaded from the windows store?

  2. Ioruba - NA server says:

    i not get can i play that thing in my pc now ? WOW could you image that,… people struggling to AIM in theirs IPODS, and I JUST with seconds aim with my mouse… LOL

  3. Ioruba - NA server says:

    its like play Shooters games against people who are using consoles, its easy win… mouse and keyboarding are a loot more easy and fast to aim.

  4. Ioruba - NA server says:

    Keyboard* Sorry

  5. SMGJohn says:

    No Windows XP, WarGaming is fucking themselves over because XP has 4 times larger marketshare than Mac OS X, neglecting Windows XP but still make it available fo Mac OS X makes no sense.

    • podian says:

      Windows XP is dead in terms of support, outdated in terms of software philosophy, and get at least a Win7 already.

    • Honcho says:

      Windows XP support officially ended in April 2014. There are still alot of people with Wondows XP, but i think most of them are not playing video games.

      Almost 50% of Steam Users use Windows 10 64bit.
      They did not list XP Users, but the remaining 50% will hardly be all XP Users.

      • SMGJohn says:

        Steam surveys are like Wikipedia articles, you really have to take them with a pinch of salt.
        Also are you suggesting that All the Mac OS X users out there are gamers then?

        World of Tanks still supports Windows XP for a reason, a lot of Russians still use XP

  6. Now that they made a WoT for poors with potato PCs and arty haters, can we get Havok and 4k textures ??

  7. Ioruba - NA server says:

    theres no arty on that thing ???] TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO WOT 😛

    • podian says:

      Honestly, if not for how many tanks I have unlocked in WoT, I’d switch completely to Blitz – not just because of arty, but also:

      in 7v7 battles your personal performance matters more

      Blitz’s game economy is not as messed up as WoT

      Blitz’s crew system is more similar to WoWs, and that’s a good thing. You don’t need to, for example, spend ~100 battles grinding before your new LT commander becomes actually usable.

      The only thing I dislike is armor thickness being visible in battle, but that apparently is gonna go to WoT too.

  8. Looks like they don’t let you link your Steam account with your WG account

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