11 comments on “9.17 IKV 72 Screenshots

  1. This thing looks like a Baby Object704, how adorable 😀

  2. Th3Grimmi says:

    looks like a small OPject 704

  3. Was this the tank that had the 20 degrees of gun depression?

  4. BuubyTrap says:

    This might be my new seal clubber.
    Unfortunately, my initial enthusiasm for the Czech line faded rather quickly. Hopefully the Swedes will give me something worth grinding for.

  5. Ian McIntosh says:

    should be knicknamed the ‘Vark, with that gun depression

  6. StyleZ says:

    They just took the Obj. 704 and made a cabrio version of it, because Swedes are hot men and they don’t need a roof on a TD even in winters 😛

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