9 comments on “Supertest: Pilsen Map changes [ Video ]

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice…looks like integrated Ensk-side 🙂

  2. So another map edited to not be super small?
    I bet the balance somehow will be fucked. 😛

  3. Mike-T 2016 says:

    Version 3 the last one or 114 is the only one where all 3 classes of tanks (Arty not tanks) where not just Heavy tanks can enjoy the gameplay but Mediums TDs and Heavies have something in the Map to enjoy and feel its fun to be there

    #3 is better than the small crowded corridor brawling version of PilShit or Heavy-tank paradise- and fuck-anything-else Map

    lets hope WG introduce Map 3 version of Pilsen with the river in the next patch and ASAP
    (without at same time removing 2 open maps! were not fuking stupid WG

  4. I like the interesting close quarter fighting these changes in general could encourage, less camping and more choices with the increased size might stop teams from ignoring the east side. Kind of wishing they had the time to implement several different pilsen’s with these maps so regular players could try them out and give feedback. On the plus side, whatever they don’t choose to put in their final product might end up on a new kind of map and any new maps to shake things up are always welcomed.

  5. CelticArchangel says:

    The song is “The Way You Look” – Ivan Reys in case anyone asks.

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