The T26E5 Patriot missing armor



Thank you to Gwennifer for spotting this.

Apparently, just like Gwennifer said , the T26E5 Patriot is missing the track links both visually and on the collision model, which adds 13mm of turret armor to the left side of it, where the loader sits.


To put it in simple words and this was discussed between Gwennifer and Avalon304, the normal version is better than the premium.  The track links weren’t added so that the eagle the artist created which people, ostensibly, are buying the T26E5 Patriot to show off wouldn’t be hidden/covered up.

The eagle:



She also says: “WGNA is selling these at the roughly equal cost [$3 is how much it costs to buy any camo at full price, after all] on the presumption that these are equal tanks. These are not equal tanks.

It would be nice if the Patriot’s earnings could be increased 5% or so to compensate, which is roughly the difference in price.”


16 comments on “The T26E5 Patriot missing armor

  1. To be honest, I don’t think 13mm is going to make a huge difference… It isn’t a big enough deal to justify a huge fuss over it imo. It’s already a superb vehicle as-is, so I don’t see any real issue.

  2. gpc_4 says:

    Lol, really? Not a big deal.

  3. On a practical term, it doesn’t really make a difference I agree, but if you’re going to run around in obnoxious colors, I suppose it will make the haters happy to know you’re pissing in your own cup ^^ jk haha

    Thanks for finding this small change! I love seeing these minute discoveries because for players that try and play competitevly will want to use every advantage that they can get!

  4. Mister Z says:

    It doesn’t really matter because it is just the side…I mean you shouldn’t rely on that in the end it doesn’t change how good the tank really is just because one bounce more of 1000 thousand hits!

  5. wremisekrummels says:

    It has the eagle, the power of freedom is more worth then 13mm of spaced armour.

    Comunist shells has a 10% chance to bounce off.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Homer_J says:

    So for once WG put some effort in and don’t do a simple copy/paste and what does the community do? Whine as usual.

  8. Havoc199 says:

    As long as they release the tank in a normal non cartoon like paint scheme I really don’t care too much about the tiny details.

    I would also appreciate if for once they added the tanks to the tech tree for gold…

    • DZ says:

      because then all the leaches in clans that win gold, would be getting the tank. WG would rather have the cash in-hand

      • Havoc199 says:

        I play clan wars and tournaments. I win gold.
        What is the point of clan wars and tournaments if there is no reward? And clan wars tanks are just stupid anyway since normal players can’t get them. Everyone should have a chance to get it.

        I really wanted the VK 45 03. It’s just a standard prem tank, but no…WG decides it’s only on in the store for select periods. Sigh…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am just happy that I can buy this tank without the WonderWoman paintjob.

  10. Landser says:

    Why is it that some servers get both the special PJ version and the clean one and EU doesn’t?

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