8 comments on “9.17 Test Date

  1. leggasiini says:


    Also hope they buffed Kranvagn…

  2. Ragnarokbazil says:

    I hope that type 5 and 4 get there buffs

    • leggasiini says:

      Sadly, nothing has been mentioned about those happening in 9.17. Im expecting those to happen in 9.18 along with Maus, FailLöwe and E-100 buffs, aswell as Protomauses. Would make sense.

      • wheeledtank says:

        Probably. They may also wait to see how the Overmatch changes affect them (correct me if I am wrong, but the Type 4 and 5 have pretty weak side armor inside the armored skirt)

      • leggasiini says:

        It is quite weak, but definely not overmatchable. You are mixing Types with O-I and O-Ni, which does have overmatchable sides inside armor skirt. On Types 105mm thick (and after buff its probably even more), thus new mechanics shouldnt do many changes for Type 4/5.

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