World of Tanks Console- PS4 Pro


Good day everyone,

While update 3.4 is delayed on the Xbox Consoles, it went full steam ahead for PS4 users do to bringing support for PS4 Pro, with HDR support and upscaling to 4k.

“Wargaming always trying to be at the forefront when it comes to new technologies in the games,” said TJ Wagner, Executive Producer of World of Tanks on consoles. “PS4 Pro is an excellent example of how to use the capabilities of different platforms in order to reach the largest number of players. We look forward to adding support for the new console, and we look forward to future opportunities. “

(Too bad those possibilities are limited by a console from 2005)

Anyway, screenshots!


6 comments on “World of Tanks Console- PS4 Pro

  1. Thomas A. says:

    Well console is doing a good job so far….I wonder if the Xbox scorpio will be that good as they try to say it is.

  2. ah, gorgeous graphics I’ll never notice, the best kind of graphics 🙂

  3. would look a bit nicer if the front hull tracks were removed. 8/10 Virus Bombings

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    “Wargaming always trying to be at the forefront when it comes to new technologies in the games,”

    Appatently PC is not new technology, which is why our graphics need to be compatible with 10 years old builds and why we cannot upgrade it enough to use full potential of modern machines.

  5. zz says:

    This guy is so full of shit, that he is not even funny. “Up to date”, riiiight, Bigworld and its limitations say hello.

  6. wolvenworks says:

    mmm dunno…..heard from The Know that PS4 Pro is actually not doing that well on games that CAN’T run 4k, and let’s be honest: how many of us actually has a 4k screen?

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