updated here’s the updated stats of the upcoming Swedish IKV 72:

Note: This tank has since lost the 8,4 cm kan ikv Gun.


Tier: 3
Hitpoints: 150

Engine: 145
Weight: 8 075 (7 875 Previous)
Power-to-weight: 18 (18,41)
Maximum speed: 57/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 40
Turret traverse: 36 (37,5)
Terrain resistance: 1.1/1.2/2.1
Viewrange: 300
Radio range: 455
Hull armor: 18.5/07/12  (18,5/7/?)
Turret armor: 0/0/0

Gun: 8,4 cm kan ikv 
Damage: 170/170/260
Penetration: 79/110/42
DPM: 1 329,6
ROF: 7,821
Reload: 7,671s
Accuracy: 0,499

Aimspeed: 2,97s

Gun: 7,5 cm kan m/41 ikv L/50


Penetration: 97/120/38

DPM: 1375
ROF: 12.50
Reload: 4,8s
Accuracy: 0.39

Aimspeed: 2,1s

Depression: -12 / +20


Gun: 7,5 kan m/41 ikv

Damage: 110/110/175

Penetration: 88/115/38 (79/104/38)



3 comments on “SWEDISH IKV 72 *Updated* STATS

  1. Mathew says:

    These nerfs so late in the process are significant and are without any compensation to improve other aspects of the vehicle. I suspect people will soon lose interest if these vehicles under-perform.

    I do admit I was looking forward to the big boom sticks that have now sadly been taken away.

    • Tommy_Gun says:

      Well it is only tier 3… So even if it will be a “bad” tank (I highly doubt it) you stil be able to go grind to tier 4 relatively esay…

      (btw. I think WG simpy don’t want to have any more “OP” tanks at low tier – look what happened to T-18 – former tier II TD)

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