16 comments on “9.17 Test Server is Live

  1. Chalupar says:

    Any link?

  2. Anonymous says:

    not so –

  3. If you have the client just update. Sorry no links posted will edit ASAP.

  4. its not, the servers are still ofline

  5. the servers are still offline

  6. Chalupar says:

    No problem, i found client @ SEA website 😉 Thanks 🙂

  7. lafie says:

    No it’s not. The download is up, yes, but you can’t log in to the actual test server yet.

    At least I can not.

  8. Dwindlepunk says:

    Hmm…I cannot log into garage yet, getting the good old “Failed to connect to server. The server may be unavailable, or your network connection settings may be wrong.” Looks like theys have only enabled the download, but the game servers are still off.

  9. Th3Grimmi says:

    Finally we can test the new Severs! :p

  10. Swedish Death Metal 9.17 says:

    Here’s some Swedish death metal in case you wanna prepare to the most hardcore shit you’ve ever seen in WoT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-43pOqheMY

  11. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    If anyone wants to start a training room to try the new sweedes tier by tier, message me on the CT : SpeedyCraft51_EU

  12. Maxxonite says:

    Finaly Finaly Finaly , for a swedish guy this is a true Christmas Eve….Forget the dec 24 or 25, this is a Evening to remember, and When the 9.17 drops in sharp version, its damn better than christmas and New Years Eve combined….ride on WG.
    The Vikings Will Rise And Make A Second Wave Of Conquer And Destruction Around The World……Mohaaa. Glory is waiting for the brave and fallen in combat…..only true Viking wariors will travel to Valhall….not campers, covards or wimps….

  13. Bertus says:

    thank god for the testserver, now i know for sure i won’t start playing these stupid TD’s

  14. Anonymous says:

    EU player, download from link, cannot login…

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