WG Teasing WoWP and WoWS on Console


Good day everyone,

Recently at the 2016 Golden Joystick Award pre-show WG’s Global Brand Director teased the possibilty of WG’s other World of… games expanding to other platforms…

“We’ve got tanks, planes and ships. Only tanks is currently available on multiple formats so there is an opportunity to get the ships and the planes out on multiple formats.” 

World of Tanks Console edition has been met with pretty good reception for a platform where free-to-play games are relativly unknown, so WarGaming considering its options is not surprising.

Warplanes, while considered a failure on PC, might find better reception on consoles with the generally casual player base, with a bit of polishing. Warships might be a bit of a hard sell, as the slower and more drawn out gameplay might find a market dominated by shooters to be hard to break into. However other naval combat games, such as the old Battlestations series, have a following there as well.

What do you guys think of the possibility of WarGaming bringing its other historical combat games to other platforms?


21 comments on “WG Teasing WoWP and WoWS on Console

  1. Oh I hope WoWS comes to the consoles mainly because I am absolute crap with a mouse and keyboard. I miss playing Battlestations Midway on my 360 for hours on end. WoWP I could care less about.

  2. Th3Grimmi says:

    WoWP on consoles – topkek

  3. Shade01982 says:

    Because they are such a huge hit on the PC?

  4. Terminus says:

    Cant wait for the quality WoWP sh*t posting


  5. duane osborne says:

    Why don’t you just do another Word of Tanks but this time base the tanks on the 60’s through 80’s? Give this game the maps from pc that the console doesn’t see and you would be golden!

  6. Rick says:

    You realize when they go to console,you lose many players in pc just as wot did?

    • stormcrow99 says:

      Bring the graphs.
      And even if you did, expanding won’t kill a game.
      In my case I can’t play WoWS on my PC so I’d be glad if I could dig in with PS instead

  7. qwertypresser says:

    DecoNoir, you need to change the word “historical” to “ahistorical”, and that will correct your post.

  8. metalrodent says:

    I doubt I’d play Warplanes but I’d definitely play Warships, I’d likely pre-order the founders pack soon as.

  9. wolvenworks says:

    IMHO they should fix Warplanes first. it’s also the reason why the SG team and Tanitha decided to not bring it in SEA: due to it being broken, it might just trigger a whole new level of actual whining and salt from the ozzies (sry mates but you know…you guys are preety verbal about that. almost as much as me)

  10. Renzo says:

    I never played wowp so I don’t know about that game.

    I will not play WoWS for sure, because it feels like 15 T95 vs 15 T95 in wot

  11. zz says:

    They seriously don’t have what to do with their cash I guess. WOWP is a total flop, and to give it a chance on consoles you would have to invest a lot of resources… Idiots.

  12. Lostmymarbles says:

    WoWp’s failed in PC why would it be successful on Console ….

  13. girl_psyche says:

    I have a “non-disclosure agreement” with warships….
    If this is real than this will kinda takes all the fun out of
    World of Tanks….

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