Chris Taylor Leaves WG Seattle


Some WG news for today,

Chris Taylor, a veteran game designer and head of WG Seattle, has left to strike out on his own.


Taylor has worked in the industry for decades, creating sych titles as Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander with his Gas Powered Games studio. He eventually sold Gas Powered Games to WarGaming where he ran the Seattle studio before resigning.

“Between Gas Powered Games and Wargaming, it was an eighteen year stretch and I wore myself out and didn’t realize it,” Taylor told GamesBeat. “I’ve decided i need to take a few months off, regroup, and recharge before I dive into my next thing.”

No word on what he was working on at WG or what he’ll be working on next.


11 comments on “Chris Taylor Leaves WG Seattle

  1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    Is that THE Chris Taylor? Come back and make more Supreme Commander games!

    • CrazyCheese says:

      Oh yes please 🙂 but not one like SupCom 2, but like the old ones, SupCom and Forged Alliance.

      • crumlicharts says:

        Glad someone else remembers that Wargaming has (had?) such a valuable asset. From the day they bought out Gas Powered Games I was hoping to finally see a tuned-up version of Order of War that could compete with SupCom and maybe even later games like the Wargame franchise but in a WW2 setting. I guess I have to finally shift my hopes back to Focus Interactive taking the lead on this one :/

  2. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    fuck him for selling the rights to WG, who will do nothing with it.
    hopefully he makes it up by making another SC game

  3. Rick says:

    Good Luck Chris!

  4. blackdochia says:

    What rights?! Space Siege is at Sega and Dungeon Siege belongs to Square Enix now. Supreme Commander rights are divided between Square and Nordic. The expansions rights for the Dungeon Siege games belong to Take Two Interactive/2K. Demigod rights belong to Stardock. He left a mess when it comes to the games he created, before going to work for Wargaming.

    Wargaming managed only to get the rights for the old Total Annihilation series and they got those not from Chris, but from ATARI. Like i said…he made a mess with the stuff he created and lost them all.

    I still hope that Square will give up on the rights for Supreme Commander in favor of Nordic 9at least they would like to exploit the IP) and somehow the rights for the Siege series will end up in the portofolio of one company.

    As for Chris, good luck. Hope he’s wiser now and more business savy.

  5. MBOmnis says:

    He was probably working on Total Annihilation.
    And the fact that he left is a good thing, after what he did to Supreme Commander.

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