7 comments on “World of Tanks Blitz- Update 3.4

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does Blitz have the option for ‘Invert Reverse steering’ yet? I gave it up – after playing the Archer for so long on WoT I found Blitz unplayable with standard reverse steering!

  2. Honcho says:

    A friend of mine has started playing Blitz and it appears to be more fun for him. Abusing touchpad players, being safe from Artillery, having shorter games, lower prices and rechargable consumables have alienated him from the original WoT. And i was sooooo close on getting the “recruit a friend” reward tank… 🙁

  3. SMGJohn says:

    World of Tanks Blitz is hilariously bad, they should taken the old World of Tanks client pre-8.0 and used that

  4. stormcrow99 says:

    YES the old T71 is back! No more of that filthy mini-IS-3. That’s like having the first gen Miata put back into production in 2016. Now I have to grind fast because is PC and PS taught me anything, that won’t last

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