26 comments on “W.o.T EU – Advent Calendar 2016

  1. Heartwarming, how they think about us this year again, with their overpriced tanks, every day.

  2. Keller says:

    Sorry wargaming. Steam had some real sales, not everpriced repainted shit! So all of the money you could have gotten by not being greedy ass lazy tightwads went there. P.S. Still waiting for some changes to the game to warrant giving you anything other than contempt.

  3. OopsAA says:

    Oh man stop whining about spending money, it’s a choice to buy. The game is without cost for those who don’t buy anything from WG. So stop complaining about a free game with options to spend money. I hope they come up with some nice “new” prems like Lorr 40t or the Chrysler Keep. Keep it goiing WG, I can’t wait.

    • ステトガイ says:

      Its not about spending money, its about where they are blatantly trying to milk people of more money by bundling an item that people want with a load of other stuff that people do not need. Yes the package might save people money, but because of the insane price, some people cannot buy it (for example in Eastern European countries).

    • Keller says:

      The reason I complain about spending money is that I have spent hundreds in the last three or four years. But the sales have gone to crap. They have not done anything to change the problems that imbalance the game. Artillery still creates stagnant games on open maps by punishing active gameplay. As a company they should be in it for profit. But they should also work on keeping the game fresh. And not treat their clients like idiots with repainted power creeped premiums in overpriced bundles. I would love to buy the T71cmmd when it comes out. But it will probably have some advertisements painted all over it in a $100 bundle. European server will probably be even more. And russian server will get it for $10. And if you want to buy the T34B or one of a whole tech tree worth of russian premium heavies. Good for you.

      • “Artillery still creates stagnant games on open maps by punishing active gameplay.” If your reaction to arty in a game on an open map is standing still and not moving, then I understand that you hate arty.

      • Anonymous says:

        OCHS13007EXAMPLE SAYS: “Artillery still creates stagnant games on open maps by punishing active gameplay.” If your reaction to arty in a game on an open map is standing still and not moving, then I understand that you hate arty.
        First off, on an open map with artillery I never stay still in a heavy longer than required to aim, and even then I usually don’t. Second, any tank that is slow that is spotted can’t move fast enough anywhere to avoid artillery. Third, I have almost 25k games in, most of them now in meds and lights due to not liking the feeling of someone crapping on me from across the map. And even then I still get hit going full blast zig zagging in a light/medium. I started out playing heavies, then I realized that I was to slow to do anything but hump a rock against artillery fire. The last four games I’ve played in heavies for the weekly missions artillery zeros in on me. Why do they do that? Because I’m in a goddamn heavy trying to spear head like a heavy is supposed to. And hence I’m one of the only ones spotted because I don’t want to camp. If I wanted to camp at the back of the map I would play artillery.

      • Keller says:

        OCHS13007EXAMPLE SAYS: “Artillery still creates stagnant games on open maps by punishing active gameplay.” If your reaction to arty in a game on an open map is standing still and not moving, then I understand that you hate arty.
        I never stay still when artillery is in the game. But if you are in a slow heavy then it doesn’t matter because you are to slow to zig zag. Even in mediums I get crapped on sometimes. That’s why I mostly play lights now. But keep making excuses for the most reviled class in the game.

  4. Durst says:

    They come 100% with new tanks like the IS-6 B and the Schwarzpanzer 58 becasue black tanks are new tanks

  5. HUP says:

    I wonder how exactly the bonus code will work? Will everybody by able to use it? If yes, then it might be the only good thing about the calendar.

    Also, can we just stop for a moment and admire Wargaming’s policy. They propose an advent calendar. You know, that stuff that is usually full of small, really small gifts like chocolete. So what is their calendar full of? Offers for overpriced tanks! The gift in their calendar is literally that they allow you to buy their stuff! Amazing! For extraorbitant prices!

    And don’t get me started how they extracted the money of gulliable idiots with the “black friday” tanks, which are literally just differently painted versions of tanks that are already in the game! The same goes for Fury, Rudy, IS2 Berlin, Cromwell Berlin, !6 Patriot etc. I find it amazing that people are willing to spend money on these things.

    • Anonymous says:

      To be fair, the Berlin Trio weren’t always sold at high prices, and do generate a nice XP & Credit profit, but others, especially more recent Premiums, are certainly no bargains.

  6. Infernal969 says:

    Hell yeah, can’t wait to pay for overpriced shit.

  7. deadarashi says:

    I feel like we may see premium tanks that have been in supertest for ages finally released.. *looks at T71 CMCD, T92 and KV4 KTTS*

  8. Honcho says:

    Pzkpfw. 3 Ausf.K maybe?! Iam waiting for months now. Not that its a good tank, but it looks cool and because i like tier 5 german mediums.

  9. Ioruba - NA server says:


  10. Bricktop says:

    I wonder if some rare tanks will appear. E25 is unlikely to happen but I’d love to pick one

  11. wremisekrummels says:

    the only tank i would buy in an overpriced buddle is that panther V/IV. all other i dont care.
    lets make a bet: i bet that the great Löwe will come at least 2 times in that adventcalendar

  12. Anonymous says:

    Am guessing 112 and jagtiger 88 will be back and bundled with prem time and gold

  13. Bring back Waffle says:

    Please no black bullshit or tanks you can buy for gold already… we want tanks such as E25, B2, BT-SV and so on and so far.. 🙂 but E25 would be dope!!

  14. Minime says:

    E25 please! 🙁

  15. Filthy Statpad says:

    it wont change days its december first for me and its stuck on 30th :/ 🙁

  16. Moondiver says:

    Hope we get some new premium arties….

  17. haggis68 says:

    First off, the E25 will not be back as it was overpowered (super stealth was just stupid) but WG can’t remove the existing ones. The Kanonenjagdpanzer was what you would get if they nerfed it for balance.
    Second, the 105 leFH18B2 was a great idea. Low damage high ROF, work well as an interesting vehicle and I hope WG can come upwith somthing similar.
    Third, stop biching about arty. If your deathstar gets taken out by multiple hits from a 60second reload/20second aim time/6second flight time arty, it’s you that’s the problem… If you want to know how to avoid them, try playing them…

    • 1) The E-25 was released as overpowered as it was. 2) the leFH18B2 was jus a fucked OP arty for half-players clicking buttons from a safe hidding place (just like all other arty and arty players).

      • haggis68 says:

        I agree that the leFH18B2 is OP as well. But the rest of your rant is just the tears of a camper complaining that his deathstar has an exhaust port… If you move, we can’t hit you. that’s why they put tracks on it…

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