January Wallpapers.


This month Tier X Swede, the Kranvagn.


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27th December Micro Patch.


The Contents of the patch.

  • Fixed the problem of re-entering the game after a client crash.
  •  Minimized the problem with the lack of opportunities at the start of the battle in Strongholds.
  • Supertesters received the Strv S-1
  • profitability of the 121B was increased to the same level as other CW reward tanks.
  • T26E5 received a buff to the turret side Armor.


The Straussler MBT – Hungarian tier 10 candidate


Author: Karika

Hello everyone!

I’m Károly Németh, a.k.a. Karika, a Hungarian military historian and in this article I would like to share something interesting with you, WoT community members. Today, we will take a look at the Straussler Main Battle Tank, a never before published armored fighting vehicle concept from the Cold War.

Recently I did an in-depth study of its designer, Nicholas Straussler, a Hungarian born British inventor, automotive and military vehicle designer. During this research I have found this rather interesting concept of a tank lying forgotten in the archives of the Bovington Tank Museum.

TL;DR: Here’s tank concept with outstanding mobility, an autoloading 120mm gun and probably paper armor which could be a tier 10 Hungarian TD in World of Tanks.


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Milos Jerabek Q&A


Good day everyone,

Quick Q&A from Milos Jerabek, Polish Development Director:

– As you can see by the example of the Swedish tanks, we are currently engaged in the development of new functions/mechanics. At the same time we are working on a few things. Unfortunately, I can not tell you more, but we will work on the tanks, which are not copies of Soviet and German models. We want to introduce the new elements of the game and make it more interesting.
As you know, we worked on the “sandbox”, which is very important for us. We have suspended this test for some time, because we are finished, some of its elements. We collected the views of players, and tried to bring it to perfection. Continue reading