Advent Calendar 2016



Daily Tank Sales!

This years Calendars have arrived. The EU Shop is open for business now. First two characters of the code are “QD”.

The NA Shop is now open. First two characters of the code are “NZ”.

Don’t forget there is also an additional gift code hidden in some of the windows. Find the scratchable yellow spot that hides the code parts. Collect all the parts and redeem the full code in the usual way by logging into your account on the portal and clicking “Activate Wargaming Code”. You don’t need to buy anything to use this code.

38 comments on “Advent Calendar 2016

  1. Dirk_diggler says:

    They better sale the e25 this year! >:-(

  2. FleischMichi says:

    Yet again the bundle bullshit starts. Of course i will spend 20€ on a tier 5 tank and some gold i really really need….

    Does Wargaming even ever learn something? Not like we’ve been talking about this topic for quite some time now

  3. Precell says:

    any leaks what is hidden under bonus code?

  4. abusemtex says:

    First offer comes without boosts, equipment, prem time or something.
    WG are you still there?

  5. gundam says:

    the only deal i’ll get is the discount on the yearly premium. it’s the only good imo.

    • StyleZ says:

      Yea, but we don’t get the NA 50% discount on yearly premium. We will get the usual 15% 🙁

      • Matthew Shine says:

        NA WoT is dying, they’re doing everything they can to keep players, hense the 50% off years premium.
        EU will not get the deal as they still have good numbers playing in EU.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… I have the T5 Hungarian (Toldi? Turan? whichever…), do I need another T5 ‘German’ tank… Does the Pz III K have any kind of decent reputation?

  7. betterdead thanred says:

    panzer IIIK……looks cool, is it any good?

    • Mizutayio says:

      It’s basically a Panzer IV D with more hitpoint, which is a tier 4 medium, and the III K is really only better in survivability and aimtime. so unless you’re a collector i would not get it if i were you, the T25 is a better crew trainer. Or if you really want a good one, wait till they sell the Mutz.
      Hell you could evne go for the turan III, evne that is a better tank than the III K

      • betterdead thanred says:

        got all german medium prems except pz 4/5 and this. but i dont buy blatant cashgrabs.
        thx for heads up

    • Matthew Shine says:

      Short answer: No.
      Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    • Matthew Shine says:

      It’s terrible, tier 4 regular tank that is a tier 5 premium.

  8. Pablo Rob says:

    To note that you can buy the tank available in the advent calendar for less, i.e. It is cheaper, if you just buy it from the store.

    My guess is that this is, in part, because of the recent shit storm around the T34B – but that’s just a guess.

  9. Nice that they offer the bundle in the calendar. If you go to the premium directly you can also buy just the tank for €10

  10. Howie says:

    NO…..its not good. it sees tier 7. the tier 4 pz is a better tank

  11. Ioruba - NA server says:

    Its good lack of ammo but its good… the problem its cuz the came with all those packs 🙁


    • Pangzhu says:

      it is not good at all. everyone has different tastes, but this tank is a bad tank (worse than all other tier 5 tanks, including premium tanks) strictly factual. watch aging jedis review of the tank on youtube. in comparison to its peer it is worse in almost every way and as pointed out above it actually is worse than the tier 4 pz.

      • betterdead thanred says:

        just another cashgrab?

        and this is supposed to kick of the ”great” sales of the year?

        happy hunting i suppose….

    • Matthew Shine says:

      It’s good?
      Good joke.

  12. TankJ says:

    Looking at the source-code of the website, some of the dates are old offers:2 AC4 exp.
    6/12 1 year sub
    7/12 kv-220-2
    9/12 ISU-122s Berlin
    11/12 Unknown but older ID
    16/12 IS-2 Berlin
    19/12 Cromwell B
    23/12 Rudy

    • TankJ says:

      11/12 is KV5 and gold bundle

      • Hydragon1 says:

        Please tell me the KV-5 will be sold in a bundle but also as a tank only package, been wanting the tank for years but never had the money for it. I kinda fear they will sell it in a bundle for like €50 which is just too much.

      • Hydragon1 says:

        Please tell me the KV-5 will also have a tank only package 🙁 i have been wanting the tank for years but never had the money and i fear they will only sell it in a bundle for like €50 although i really hope they sell it as tank only aswell

      • Hydragon1 says:

        Please tell me the KV-5 will also have a tank only package 🙁 i have been wanting the tank for years but never had the money and i fear they will only sell it in a bundle for like €50 although i really hope they sell it as tank only aswell

      • Hydragon1 says:

        Sorry for multiple comments, they didnt show up after the first hour so i thought they werent posted

  13. Nobeer_ says:

    Looking forward to the yearly free garage slot.
    Sad they cannot come up with some desent gifts, and they even joke about it themselves.

  14. nano852 says:

    NA just went bananas with the bundle compared to EU lol

  15. Yogi_2015 says:

    Thank you for posting the first part of the code. Checked first thing this morning and it was not there.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Any clue what the new premies will be?

  17. Wasn’t there a post that stated that if you don’t get the Advent Calendar daily deal thing immediately, the tank itself (at a discount) would be available later on, just not bundled with anything else? If that’s the case, then wait it out and you might be able to complete your premium collection cheaper down the road.

  18. jacke4913 says:

    Poor mobility, bad gun, bad armour, and insufficient number of rounds. Crap start to WG Advent. Probably won’t get much better.

  19. Kyle says:

    Just as long as I have a chance to get my T-28 F30 this year…I will be happy…

    • Pangzhu says:

      the t-28 F30 is awesome!!! 😀 Havent driven mine all that much, but love it to pieces when i do.
      hope you get the chance to pick one up.

  20. Matthew Shine says:

    “And for the first day of this years ‘FUCK YOU!’ calendar, we have a crap premium bundled with gold that you don’t want.”

    Fuck you too, WG.

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