WoT Console December Merriment


Just in time for the holidays, the World of Tanks Console team is bringing out a few themed items and events to finish of the year.

Captured KV-1 and Chinese Legion 59-Patton


The previously leaked Captured KV-1 makes its official appearance, able to train both German and Soviet crews. The (somewhat flashy) Chinese-American hybrid will also be aboe to train Chinese and US crews.


War Child Charity

Last month the WoT PC team had a special emblem supporting the War Child Charity, assisting children displaced by war. Console will also be contributing with the following:

For the Children for 800 Gold
• x6 Crew XP Boost Op ( 2 )
• x5 XP Boost Ops ( 2 )
• Small First Aid Kit ( 5 )
• Large First Aid Kit ( 2 )

I’ll certainly get one for a good cause.

Blitzen MTLS


Sign in from December 15th to January 1st and you’ll recieve a holiday themed variant of the MTLS-1G14.

Holiday Game Modes

A couple of modes to break the tedium of Random battles. A PvE mode called “Hunt the Krampus” (no details as of yet) and the return of the suction cup armed Toy Tank!



Nice to see WG in the giving spirit this season. Especially after the uproar from last months bundles. Interesting choice for the MTLS as the giveaway tank this season. Its only been available as part of a founders pack available at the Xbox One edition launch. The reactions will be interesting.

11 comments on “WoT Console December Merriment

  1. alhambra117 says:

    MTLGS will be fun to add to my collection of ridiculous gift tanks. Just saying, I swear the T1E6-X and X1 variants are really good on console when they have no right to be based on their stats.

  2. Landser says:

    No MTLGS for PC yet again

  3. James says:

    Makes me glad I never bothered with the PC version of the game, sounds like everything gets moaned at

  4. metalrodent says:

    Captured KV1 is disappointing, rather than actually make a unique historical Panzerkampfwagon KV1A/B they just reskinned a TT (meaning it’s not even historical).

  5. Anonymous says:

    All they seem to be doing now is lazy reskins.

  6. stormcrow99 says:

    MTLS = LMFAO what the **** is that

    And why is the toy tank in american livery when the model is a clear BDR G1 B
    then again america fits the model better than france anyway.

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