Advent Calendar Day 2


And for the second day of the infamous Advent Calendar is the AC4 Experimental

AC 4 Experimental

it comes either Bundled with:

-Garage Slot

-100% Trained Crew

-x5 Emblems

-Desert Camouflage Pattern

-Gold: 4350

-100% Crew experience personal reserve for 2h

for 29.99€

or unbundled for 14.80€

Link to the Advent calendar is here

20 comments on “Advent Calendar Day 2

  1. Tenkstar says:

    Kind of bleaches compared to getting the IS-6 for €20 though?

  2. deadarashi says:

    genuinly surprised that it’s uniform across all servers this year… even on SEA… what the hell, WG is in good cheer this holiday season

  3. Anonymous says:

    Decent gun, inadequate armour, poor mobility (except downhill!) But damned good fun!

  4. Liam Gavaghan says:

    I got this for free at Tank, so I need not buy it 😀

  5. Dedalus says:

    and the secret part of the code? Not found.

  6. reda says:

    Dear Rita , why don’t you tell us about what really interests the players : DECEMBER EVENTS AND MISSIONS !!!

  7. flint74 says:

    Desert Camo? Now is that an actual Desert Camo that is equipped in the Desert Camo slot, or is it in fact the same Desert Camo, that is actually only equipable in the Summer Camo slot, as issued with the tank when it was first introduced?

  8. nrnstraswa says:

    Been eyeing this tank for a while now. Thanks WG for another shot at it!

  9. Pradatoru says:

    Anyone know if Scorpion G will be on the calendar ?

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