OBJECT 252 Statistics Armor/Model Screenshots



the tier 8 premium Soviet HT Object 252 has been added to the patchnotes, these are its current statistics and armor/model screenshots:

Note: This tank’s upper plate can stop tier 10 TD gold ammo.



Object 252 was one of the projects prepared for the development of heavy tank IS-6. Technical drawings were prepared at the end of 1944, but further work was stopped, and the tank never entered service.


Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1500
Engine Power: 700
Weight: 51.500 ton
Power-to-Weight: 13.6
Maximum speed: 35/14
Hull Traverse: 30° sec
Turret Traverse: 24° sec
Terrain Resistance: 1,2/1.5/2.3
Viewrange: 350m
Radio range: 440m
Hull armor: 130/100/90
Turret armor: 250/150/100

Gun: 122mm BL-13
Damage: 440/440/530
Penetration: 225/265/68
DPM: 1834.8
ROF: 3.75
Reload: 16
Accuracy: 0.44
Aim Time: 3.2

Crew: 4 (Commander/Radio Operator, Driver, Gunner and Loader)

Model and Armor:

69 comments on “OBJECT 252 Statistics Armor/Model Screenshots

  1. Thomas A. says:

    Why am I not surprise.

  2. Berto72 says:

    WoPRT, World of Premium Russian Tank

  3. DeanoGTO says:

    oh god please no the is6 is strong enough at tier 8 we dont need this please no

  4. deadarashi says:

    Ufft, was looking good unlit I saw the gun stats. Bit of a major turn off

  5. malkowitch says:

    I assume another project found on a Stalin’s adjutant’s toilet paper?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because Russia was so reliant on their tank force, they had extraordinary development methods for them too.

      Basically the reason to all these Russian tanks is that all tank manufacturing plants that were expected to produce a type of tank (Heavy tank for example), were also expected to make at least 1 set of complete enough blueprints for a competitive review in order to get the best ideas in use. After 1st rounds of these reviews, the good blueprints were revised and reviewed again in their newer form. At least 3 big factories were involved in heavy tank production, which means that even with only 2 review rounds before production decision, the bureau responsible for the decision would end up with some 10 different sets of blueprints. I suspect that there were more than 3 important heavy tank factories though (My memories about Russian tank design aren’t quite fresh), so the total amount of designs just gets multiplied.

      Western powers relied more on iterative production design, which means that while there were numerous versions of a particular tank, the total number of different tanks has always been rather low.

      • deadarashi says:

        someone that actually gets it

      • Shade01982 says:

        But wouldn’t most of those designs still be pretty much the same tank, but only deviating slightly in certain aspects?

      • Teknokraatti says:

        (I’m the anonymous, cleaned computer so nick and email were wiped from this site)

        Yes, those designs would fill the same role, and wherever possible, use parts already in existence. They would, naturally, be rather similar.

        Point in case: The Object 252. While the IS-3 was the most powerful existing tank just after the end of WW2, it was no secret to Soviets that it would be obsoleted at some point. A great number of new designs were considered, including project IS-6. The IS-6 portrayed in-game is only 1 of the numerous designs that were considered, with the obj 252 being another one.

        While it is not portrayed in the in-game tech tree very well, many components such as road wheels, parts of powerpacks, radios, turret and gun operating mechanics, were identical between many tank models and designs as it was cheaper than to produce a whole new set of parts for new tanks.

        The object 252 is bit of the same. Soviet tank industry had practiced a bit with the pike nose armour scheme with the IS-3, and while at times problematic, they were largely satisfied with it. The 252 hull resembles the IS-3 hull considerably, which would have helped to reduce the costs of early mass production since the tank factories were already capable of creating such armour and had available workforce with the right experience. The in-game IS-6, which was the epitome of the later-abandoned IS-6 program (Followed by a far more successful IS-7 program), had a completely new hull armour profile, unique turret and poor upgradeability due to angled side hull restricting the turret ring diameter and internal available space. All these made the in-game IS-6 rather expensive to fit into mass production on the short term, and limited viability in the long term.

        In fact, I suspect that the primary advantage of the 252 was its external similarity to the successful and mass-produced IS-3, with the gun being the most significant update from earlier designs.

      • Rita Sobral says:

        Just do a whole new comment on that PC that I permit as soon as I see it pending.

      • Teknokraatti says:

        @Rita Sobral
        Thanks, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I messed up by just not paying attention as the changes were on my end, and I’ve entered my data again.

      • malkowitch says:

        I was commenting the way WG is finding those projects. Don’t forget its a company that has patent for E50M. Look at the tank stats and think. Does this makes sence? On a tier VIII? And how is it that lately WG started to finding projects of a tanks that are at least 10% better then the equivalents from tree (Skorpion, AMX M4, T26). Talking about alternative projects makes no sence. WG gave argument that they have problem with polish tree cause there would be few tanks on russian license at last tiers. So why they are introducing a copy/paste tank like this? IS-6 back, IS-7 front, IS-4 gun.

      • Teknokraatti says:

        Balance has nothing to do with historical research, similar tank projects or anything like that.

        T26E5 is somewhat OP, I’ll agree on that. However, if it had MASSIVELY worse soft stats and slow reload, it would be UP instead. The tank itself would still be the same, just perform differently.

        WG certainly hasn’t exactly mastered balancing the tanks, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are some 30 different genuine German TD blueprints not yet even modeled by WG, and almost limitless amount of completely historical soviet blueprints for heavy tanks, MBTs, light tanks and mediums. Most of them resemble each other remarkably much, but it doesn’t change the fact that they were historical projects.

  6. OopsAA says:

    Is this the end of the IS-6, with preferential matchmaking, in the store? WG want to get rid of preferential matchmaking.

  7. betterdead thanred says:

    that armour and alpha
    and the fact that WG doesnt care that the market is flooded with russian clones.

    even the most die-hard ussr/stalin lovers are gonna go ”u gotta be kidding me…..”

    • deadarashi says:

      Rather then clone its better to call it an alternate design, which it is. Lots of nations have alternate designs for a tank project.

    • Rombat says:

      The market is not flooded with russian premium heavy tanks…do you have one? Even if you have one there are thousands of players who don,t. When you,ll meet 7_8 tanks of this type in each team you can start talking about floods….se the type 59 case. The old wot players now what i mean

      • betterdead thanred says:

        i meant normal and premium clones, like is3 and it’s ”variants” and t-54 and its ”alternate designs”
        i have IS6 and IS3a, and bought them only cuz of recommendations from others, and CW.
        and yes i remember when type 59 was released.
        these clones/alternate/variations/inspiration blah blah blah….. share mostly 3 traits:
        -reversed soup-bowl for turret
        -pike nose frontal armour.
        -4th dimension side armour.

        break the mold plz

  8. fundametalista says:

    OMG pay to win as usual, with a special RNG ( russian number generator.).

    • Currently, the AMX M4 49 has about the same mobility, with great frontal armor (although not quite as strong it lacks the weak spot), a punchy gun with higher penetration, higher DPM, much better gun handling, and it has 10 degrees of gun depression.

      Additionally, they haven’t even stated their intention to release the Object 252 as a premium available for purchase (it could very well be another CW reward), nor have they stated that these are its final stats.

    • Teknokraatti says:

      Do you have the IS-3A?

      I have, and I can tell with honesty that it has bad gun handling and it’s PITA to hit anything farther than point-blank. And yes, it is still a stronk, extremely troll Russian tenk despite this rather important downside. The Obj 252 could have even worse stability stats, so it could be pretty inaccurate against moving targets as well.

      The IS-3, that’s likely influencing your opinion, has THE best turret traverse dispersion of all T8 heavies, and among the best in-game, and its hull movement dispersion values aren’t the worst either. It has surprisingly good accuracy due to that, way better than the other T8 IS-platform heavies.

  9. Dalibor says:

    OMG! What a gorgeous birch log! I really must have it.

  10. Armata_MBT says:

    well, scale-downed version of Object 260

  11. Gkirmathal says:

    Nice RASHA heavy tier 9 on tier 8, well done WG! Keep the powercreep going stronk!

  12. Infernal969 says:

    Oh, look, an even more broken IS-3. And it’s a premium. Definitely not going to ruin tier 8.

  13. Mario Scalas says:

    Which patchnotes? For 9.17?

  14. Greene Ghostav says:

    When is there going to be a premium SPG for USSR? I want one to train my S-51 crew.

  15. Shade01982 says:

    All those new tanks in supertest, but do we have any information on what they are going to be used for?

  16. Akina90 says:

    The problem of this tank is making the existence of 110 worthless. In the past, 110 is somewhat special because its pike nose making its UFP strong and more reliable gun in comparison to IS-3. After years of power creep, 110 has no place in t8 HT now.

    • Ares says:

      Tiger 2, VK auf A, Caernarvon lost they place long ago.

      And yes, you have point. 110 strong point was that you could easy bounce IS7 gun on upper frontal plate.

      Frontal armor was better then IS 3. No wont be anymore.

  17. Please…. I beg of you WG…. No more prems for a month minimum… Please.

    • Brett Brakefield says:

      Honestly, you’d be lucky to get a week without a mention of premium, CW, or reward tank these days. September was about the only lucky break for my wallet…though maybe this Christmas, as well. Don’t really need these things called Shadow tanks.

    • deadarashi says:

      more premiums are announced but arent exactly released on a regular basis. Can go months without a new one being put onto live server and many just get forgotten in the end

      • Teknokraatti says:

        They aren’t even really announced. These are supertest leaks, and most of the tanks on supertest never get any further. Case in point: Have you heard anything about the E-10, Neubaufahrzeuge or about 15 extra low-tier French tanks lately? They were introduced to supertest some 5 years ago and have made no appearance in-game ever.

  18. James k says:

    They really need to fucking right off with any more Russian prems.

  19. torturebear says:

    Hello people,

    so far I am reducing my WoT presence a lot. RNG is too strong and the game has some high toxic levels in case of community and lame talkers (when people without that much of an impression in the game and WR far beyond being somehow decisive and 1k games on things like LoLTrak or T2 trying to teach you lessons … well well).

    teknokraati put it right: It is some nice version of an existing tank. Sadly it is really just another copy in terms of the impact of this vehicle in the game. Historically it is one of many and all had its place. WoT like it is another version of the IS3, IS3A, IS6 – and two are already premium, one has preferential MM.

    Judging the vehicle on its stats: Very nice armor, actually armorwise nearer to T9 or T10 than T8, but similar enough.
    Tank: IS 3 252
    gundepression: -5 -6 – so slightly better on ridgelines
    PowertoWeight: 14 13,6 – pretty similar
    Viewrange: 358 350 – slight disadvantage for 252
    Aimtime: 3,19 3,2
    Accuracy: 0,38 0,44 – even though Russian tanks like the KV2 are sniping across the map with their 152mm herpyderpy, 252 cant reliably shoot over distances as IS3 does and aiming for weakspots is more a gamble (ironically since my perception of the game atm is total gambling by Grilles eating my 183 HESH for 600 dmg or BCs are eating my T92 shells for 800 damage)
    Gun: penetration is the same the Alpha on the 252 is higher while the reload is considerably lower – less dpm, bigger punch, eben with rammer, vents and good crew you end up with something of 14 secs reload – so nearly the range of an ISU or an O-HO while both kick like a mule and in comparison the 252 is then more bitchslapping.
    Mobility: it is less mobile than the IS3 in all aspects
    Armor: 252 has the better hull while the turrets are pretty much the same

    Conclusion: Actually and setting the clone wars aside it is a nice addition and (as long as it lasts) alternative to the IS6 with no preferential MM. Still you must not buy it. It is better than a Löwe by miles (if they put 150mm frontal armor or not and excluding the VK since it is just garbage), similar in some ways to the T34, better suited for T9 battles than the IS6, is beating the 112 or 111, on par in comparison with all aspects to the new ugly Frenchy.

    SO: Like Löwe is to Tiger 2 – 252 is to IS3 (with better armor and less mobility).
    No need to cry about it and back in the days when I was spending money on it I would have considered it since I didn’t like the stats on the IS6 (I know all about it so don’t try to convince me – IS6 was never appealing to me, then the IS3A was more interesting or the IS5). Nowadays I got an IS3 and if I don’t have money anymore I am selling one of my 25+ T10s.

    • torturebear says:

      Damn, put some effort into some comparison but the text box just put the numbers next to each other… first number is IS3 the following then 252.

  20. Foch-fan says:

    Maybe will come with some bizarre and patriotic camouflage, 252 motherland? 😛

  21. Tommy_Gun says:

    Is it only my or there are more prenium tier 8 tanks than regular “standard” tanks from all tech trees (at tier 8) ? ?

    Last time when I was playing some random battles at tier 8, 70% off all tanks in match ( my and enemy team – 70 % out of 30 tanks) were prenium tanks.

    What is enough is enough…

    • Teknokraatti says:

      We have 40 non-premium T8 tanks. Won’t list them here, as WOT tech tree shows them all.

      We have 28 T8 premiums that have been available for all WOT playerbase, of which 4 have been retired from sales and 10 have only ever been available as limited time offers. JT88, KV5, Type 59 and 112 are the retired vehicles, while the temporary tanks are Patriot, Liberte, T-44-100, Mutz, IS-3A, WZ-111, M46 Patton KR, black Bulldog, Skorpion G and 59-Patton.

      Additionally, as clan wars, moderator, pre-order or player recruitment program rewards, there are 6 more, though they all are rather rare. (T95E2, T95/Chieftain, IS-5, ISU-130, KV-4 Kreslavskiy, M6A2E1).

      So. All released premium, special or reward vehicles make 36 tanks combined. Definitely less than 40, which is the amount of standard T8 tanks.

  22. not only it has great armor for Tier 8, the gun also…. wtf WG nerf vodka stop these premiums

  23. Psychopatton says:

    Looking forward to see the 110 buffed to compete with this and other strong heavy tanks.
    Everything have to be buffed significantly. Balance, you know!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Looks OP.

  25. Marco Bergsma says:

    Actually a good thing! Finally WG is listening to the community which has been crying for an extra tier 8 Russian premium HT. A shame they didn’t go with the good old 122mm with 175 pen 390 alpha gun of which there aren’t nearly enough.

    Ah well….a step in the right direction….

    /sarcasm off

  26. SOVJETBIAS says:

    This crap will be either nerfed to the ground, or become a “Liberté Powercreeper” or last, become a “balanced” CW reward.

    Guess which option seems the most plausible to me……..

  27. Takings bets of it being a clan war reward tank now.

  28. […]  Source: ritastatusreport.live World of Tanks […]

  29. Rombat says:

    With that bad radio range, view range, aim time and reload time can,t be good. Just a circumstancial tank. I,m sick and tired of tanks with bad gunhandling and bad view range…say hello to is3, is6,is5,wz111, wz112 etc…ohhh all of this tanks are op as shit because they all have guns and can kill other tanks…specially to those who usually cry on forums about op tanks…

  30. stormcrow99 says:

    Huh. Uhh. Hmm. My D-25T can’t pen that. Maybe.

  31. MegamiHestia says:

    Wargaming is not making these tanks because they want to put them in the game, oh no no no. This is their leisure activity. When in doubt, make a another premium soviet HT!

  32. Inq says:

    Looks like a good tank, Its about time they retired the IS6.

  33. Anonymous says:

    seems like they are flooding in so many premium tanks that for those who cant afford tanks are now at a very big disadvantage. so much for a free game to play

  34. Anonymous says:

    while ur at it can u give the kv5 a real gun it gets old only ramming for damage

  35. Patata Caliente says:

    I think we need more buffs for Russian tanks. Remove weak spots, buff accuracy and penetration, and alpha damage, too, while we’re at it. Come on, Wargaming. If you absolutely want to fuck up game balance, you might as well do it right.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have just imagined how it would troll tier 10s with its armour

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