WG FAIR PLAY on RU Cluster


Wargming employee banned for Illegal Mods.

Found on RU blogs and Forums.The official WG answer RU Forum .translation bellow.

  • A separate application has been made recently of the Project Administration, concerning the use of prohibited modifications and measures restrictions on the players noticed that. It should be noted that in the fight against violators of administration does not make any exceptions, and all players using prohibited modifications will eventually be punished.

  • We express our gratitude to the players, who drew attention to a suspicious situation, which served as a basis for further verification. On action has been taken of the results of the investigation in respect of the following players:

    * Fadalmahr – temporary blocking of the game account for a period of 7 days.

  • This player uses the forbidden modification, change the transparency of objects on the map, which was the basis for issuance of the lock. Repeated violation will be blocked permanently.

    Project Administration reiterates that the use of prohibited modifications in the game is not allowed.

17 comments on “WG FAIR PLAY on RU Cluster

  1. Baldrickk says:

    Change transparency of objects on the map?

    I’m assuming we are talking tundra/agent orange mods here and not minimal icon transparency?

  2. leo says:

    if they don’t fire him then they are morons, somebody doing that in WG authority-positions is disgraceful

    • We in America like to call that, “requesting a formal document of resignation”

    • Wulf Corbett says:

      Thing is, we may call these things ‘illegal’, but really they’re just ‘against the rules’ – there’s no actual LAW against them outside the game. Firing someone is not something you can do without due legal process (at least here – no idea about Russia). Misrepresenting the company – which is what we’re talking about here – is certainly grounds for disciplinary action, but you’d be on doubtful grounds legally for firing them unless it was one of many such actions.

      • Shade01982 says:

        Actually, seriously misrepresenting the company really can be legal grounds for firing an employee.

      • You make the laws in a game, so if you break them, your actions are illegal, there isn’t any error in the use of such a word except in the context of a nation’s legal system. Illegal and breaking the rules in a game are the same which is why English is the most glorious language in the world. Then again, if you believe you want to work with an employee that does not understand the rules of your company and their own product, then you are a very forgiving person, I respect that 🙂

      • darthclicker says:

        Illegal also applies to anything done in violation of the rules of a game….at least it is in American English. Look up the definition https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/illegal

  3. heldermartins1 says:

    Putin’s mole got caught with his hand in the cookie jar…

  4. Tommy_Gun says:

    Approximately month ago WG announced “fair play” policy. They said what is legal and what is illegal. 2 weeks ago WG asia posted FAQ what is legal and what is illegal (which btw. was completely different from their first statement). It was also confirmed by EU moderator that rules apply to all servers.
    Now WG is changing its mind again…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cda Banned ! 🙂

  6. fallen_metal says:

    WG Asia does what it wants, just my observation from playing there since 2013

  7. real_toothdecay says:

    Well done this time, WG.

  8. wolvenworks says:

    so in short, someone noticed a WG guy cheating? i mean, why would you cheat on the game your company is working on…

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