10 comments on “Now This is Hull Down.

  1. DeadArashi says:

    too bad the armor wont be as effective in-game to let us do this reliably

    • DeadArashi says:

      still, great image. Love the Strv 103

    • Keke says:

      Not reliably but 103b still can do quite nice bounces if you
      aim little higher and twerk you tank preventing enemies to
      shoot your commander cupola. But not too much because
      that side armor is nonexistent thing. It will let shells go trought
      even with insane angle.

      • Asghaad says:

        and then you go up against 122+mm armed Russian/Chinese that knows whole you middle hull is overmatch zone that he can pen regardless of angle

      • Adrian Paredes says:

        He cant bounce shit now, 90+ mm will overmatch the armor even at extreme angles… on every side, front, rear, sides, top, etc..

        Remember… 3x overmatch mechanic will be still running on 9.17

  2. Bob Murphey says:

    I got a Steel Wall doing that with my Jagpanzer IV once; I was in a bomb crater on Swamp.

  3. Funny Farmer says:

    I’m sure they were reported for hacking..

  4. momix99 says:

    Nice Image 🙂 But i’m pretty sure it’s a Strv-103-A, not B. It doesn’t have the Anti-HEAT-Thing in the front.

    • Nah if its a photo from the seventies then it should be the 103-B as all the 103-A had been converted into 103-B by that time.

      The reason you don’t see the anti-heat grid on front is because, at the time it was a kept a secret from the public for many years. So that possible invaders would not be prepared for it.

      The anti-heat grid was only to be mounted in the event of a war.

      Ofc, after the end of the cold war, keeping it a secret wasn’t realy needed anymore, which is why you see the grid mounted on later pictures.

  5. Kehldon says:

    Its a Swedish elite tank unit, they all have mark of excelense 2 🙂

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