9.17 Overview/ Server Downtime


Good day everyone,

WG RU have a quick overview of 9.17 which will be going live tomorrow (for RU at least, will put info up for other servers as soon as its made available). Heres what to expect:

Swedish Tech Tree


Swedish heavies and TDs along with the accompanying suspension mechanics.

Premium Tank Changes

Balance changes coming to several Tier 8 premiums: FV 4202, the STA -2, the M 4 A1 Revaloris Revelorisé, the T 26 E 4 the Super the Pershing , the WZ -111, of L ö we , Panther mit 8.8, the T 34, the M 46 Patton KR  and 112. (Latest public test changes for these can be seen here)


  • New option has been added for players who have 5.1 / 7.1 speaker systems.
  • Added sound notification when locking on to a target.
  • Option to mute/unmute the microphone is now available in the settings tab under “Sound”.

Minimap Changes

The following will recieve new minimap art:

  • Karelia
  • Windstorm
  • Pilsen
  • Sand River
  • Tundra
  • Winter Himmelsdorf
  • Mountain Pass

HD Models

New HD models for the following tanks:

  • Char. B1
  • Conqueror Gun Carriage
  • Pz.Sfl. IVc
  • Sturer Emil
  • Pz.Sfl IVb
  • VK.28.01
  • SU-85i
  • SU-122-44
  • SU-76i
  • Tetrarch
  • KV-2

All of these can be seen here.


Game servers will be down from 03:00 to 10:00 GMT December 13th. Global map and Strongholds will be delayed during that time.

WG advises to refrain from installing mods before or during that time.

And last but not least, WG reminds that the overmatch mechanic changes that were originally set to accompany 9.17 have not been cancelled, merely postponed and will return at some point.

32 comments on “9.17 Overview/ Server Downtime

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    HD KV-2
    Where is it
    Why is it not here
    Is that a typo or is it also cancelled

  2. feels barely worth grinding neither TDs or heavy line anyway… especially if you already got 50B or T57 heavy.. they will perform better overall i think. and without overmatch for the tds… mhmhm …

    • Anonymous says:

      new tier IX and X both have OP turret armor and 12 degrees of gun depression what makes them OP in some situation, paper amx50 gets buff to 10 degrees so t57 heavy is worst tier 10 autoloader now with shit gun handling and worst gun depression, as for new td’s they still bouncing most shots and have OP gun depression and almost best DPM per tier plus accuracy and camo

    • ApolloF117 says:

      then go play with them and then rage after you gett killed cos you can’t do nothing with the turret

    • Ragnarokbazil says:

      Wz111 is going to be fuuuuuun and the su76i got an armor buff lol

    • Uuuhhh says:

      The last time I played the kranvagn in the common test (week and a half ago) I absolutely hated it. T57 heavy and AMX 50B were much better. But the 103B is without a doubt worth the grind. The speed of the rounds made it much easier to hit a batchat going full speed from a nice safe distance. The siege mode pretty much plays similar to any TD without a turret expect when tracked. I intend to go down that line, but the heavy needs some work. Then again this is just my experience playing against the lemming train Russians on the common test server.

    • The swedish heavy line is for players who are interested in using extreme ridgelines and armor for holding a line. T57 is for the raw dpm and all round flexibillity and AMX 50B is for the more mobile heavy assasin. We will have to see how the KRV performs in normal matches to see but if you already have the two autoloading heavies, you probably like autoloaders so it might be on your to buy list by simple economics, people buy what they like.

      As for the TD’s, postponing the removal of the autopenetration mechanic is a problem but you do have .25 accuracy and camo to abuse. Fairly similar to an E25 that traded DPM for penetration so it’s not all bad. I’d expect a lot of trolls to get the tank just to help their platooned batchat boost onto mountains, over bridges, or flat out troll. You are right they won’t be widely popular with average players until the armor becomes more beginner friendly.

  3. Silmas says:

    Yes indeed nothing special, i am going to begin the TD line out of boredom and to use my 160k free XP.

  4. mredweird says:

    Where are you, Mr. SuperConqueror?

    • Bricktop says:

      Pretty much. Whole FV replacement thing is a comedy.

    • Where are you new French heavy line and gun depression buffs to french heavies? Chinese or Japanese TD’s? Italian line? Polish reward tanks? Second American medium line? Other Swedish lines? Over 200 tanks not in HD? Pilsen map changes? New Swedish map? Removal of autopenetrations? Sandbox iteration II? Christmas or new year special event? My christmas bonus so I can waste it on all these premiums????

  5. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    Agreed.. would be nice to have a remotely real tier X British heavy tank.

  6. jesusvsainz says:

    “And last but not least, WG reminds that the overmatch mechanic changes that were originally set to accompany 9.17 have not been cancelled, merely postponed and will return at some point.”

    i really want this to happen ASAP

    • Anonymous says:

      Current version of new overmatch mechanic on test server was broken causing new td’s and some paper tanks to bounce everything, its good thing they didnt introduced it in that form and people are still upset cuz they wanted new td’s to be invincible for some reasons.

    • SpeedyCraft51 says:

      “Will return at some point”

      They said the same about historical battles. That was two years ago.
      We’ll never see this mechanic in the game but they wont admit it.

      • Fair enough, more recently they apologized for past promises and said they would not give false hopes without confirmation anymore. I’ve got my picket sign and torch if anyone still wants to give their door a knock.

  7. mark west says:

    AW announced they r laying off staf and scaling back development of the game!!!!! AW sucked from day one, the graphics were always much worse than WOTs but the gameplay in particular was bad as was the stupid trees and upgrades. It only took me one hour to quit and never look back.

    • SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Why are you even bringing AW here, this post and even this blog has nothing to do with it…

      • Bricktop says:

        These AW guys lol, I swear they get paid. You see them under every wot video, typing “IM NOT PLAYING WOT SINCE MARCH BECAUSE AW IS SO MUCH BETTER AND THAT IS WHY I STILL WATCH AND COMMENT EVERY WOT VIDEO BECAUSE FUCK LOGIC”

      • I think your guy is trying to insult armored warfare, not praise it. But you do have a point BrickTop, I too filter out everything but the things I want to hear.

    • Mark West, your mother also had to scale back payments for your development when she disowned you

    • King_Viper says:

      AW actually has better graphics why do you think it requires a better system to run max AW vs max WOT? The gameplay, results may vary both games suck but at least AW is getting rid of indirect fire arty.

  8. BatelGeuce says:

    Is that a google trans ? “Balance changes coming to several Tier 8 premiums: FV 4202, the STA -2, the M 4 A1 Revaloris Revelorisé, the T 26 E 4 the Super the Pershing , the WZ -111, of L ö we , Panther mit 8.8, the T 34, the M 46 Patton KR and 112. (Latest public test changes for these can be seen here)”

  9. sturmi0545 says:

    My guess is that the update might come on Dec. 16th. Somehow I don’t believe that WG will have the Swedish release and the 3x XP special overlap.

  10. in SEA server, update 9.17, when …. ? 🙁

  11. GrimmReaperBG says:

    Rita, there is no info in the given link what would be changed in Panther 8.8 in 9.17. Please, be that kind to provide it. Thank you in advance.

  12. Deadman says:

    Ru server are getting evry thing first :/

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