Advent Calendar Day 12: M56 Scorpion.


Todays Vehicle is the American Tier VII TD The M56 Scorpion.


Both EU and SEA get the same bundle with a garage slot and 5,850 Gold missions and personal reserves. Both servers also have a vehicle and garage slot only option. NA gets the Ultimate package with garage slot, 5,000 gold, 2,000,000 credits, Medium_Caliber Tank Gun Rammer, Camouflage Net and Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.But for those with shallower pockets it is also in shop unbundled.

19 comments on “Advent Calendar Day 12: M56 Scorpion.

  1. Bjørn H says:

    Actually Jerry, neither of the servers have the package with only the tank… Unless I need my glasses

  2. siralexice says:

    Visiting this blog yields no new information lately…

  3. Dusan says:

    what code letters we have so far? today there are “2M”

  4. kek says:

    I can’t see tank only version, is it available yet?

  5. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    Perhaps they should just make stuff up for you?

  6. Anonymous says:

    So why you tend to copy paste news ? We want something new not info from wg site. You boring to search and visit only wg sites ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Im I the only one who cant find the tank+slot only option in EU? Or did I misunderstand something.. :<

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cant see the vehicle only option in the EU store, am I blind or did I misunderstood something?

  9. PeterSmith says:

    I prefer ritastatusreport because I really don’t want to read endless technical posts about czech, hungarian and polish tanks blah blah. OK if you are a tank nerd you may miss that but I just wanna know what’s happening in wot, a couple of posts a day is great.

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