13 comments on “Patch 9.17 Preview

  1. OopsAA says:

    Female crew, can’t wait

  2. Grango says:

    What about a transgender crew!

  3. mredweird says:

    wtf, “However, the Swedish tank is one of the best vehicles among same tier tanks.”
    I’m sorry, what? So, WG, you are saying that other vehicles at tier are worse on purpose?

    Am I reading into this too much or are they confirming that some tanks are worse than others by design?

  4. HkS150 says:

    you decided to buff these premium mediums when bought the cdc >:(

  5. crumlicharts says:

    Kranvagen: Tease and unload. Tease and unload. Tease…

  6. Robbert89 says:

    Any further information about this “holiday ops” event?

  7. Oskar Sibeck says:

    It was said in context of the EMIL II

  8. mredweird says:

    They didn’t give the SU-122-44 its frontal track armor.

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