Advent Calendar Day 14


Todays offer is the IS-3A


The Bundle for EU and SEA are the same:

  • IS-3A Tier 8 Soviet Heavy Tank
  • a Garage Slot
  • 5500 Gold
  • 15x, x5 EXP for Victory Mission
  • 30 Personal Reserves for +100% Crew EXP for 2 hours

It is also being sold seperately for the people who want only the Tank itself.

NA gets a bundle packed full with stuff nobody asked for:

  • IS-3A
  • Garage Slot
  • 5000 Gold
  • 3’000’000 Credits
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 2
  • Improved Ventilation Class 3
  • Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer

at least NA also gets the option to buy the Tank seperately.

12 comments on “Advent Calendar Day 14

  1. Anonymous says:

    still waiting for some of the never before seen tanks….

  2. Lame Lame Lame

    Soon nobody will buy any tank anymore because anybody has the tanks he wants and there will be no line anymore to grind which affords money that is to be earned with a premium vehicle

  3. Tommy_Gun says:

    The problem with premium tanks in wot is that there are simply too many of them. If somebody has at least 1 tier 8 and 1 tier 7 premium… or 2 tier 8 premium there is no need to buy more.

  4. DZ says:

    IS-3A is a heaping pile of vile

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