Pilsen Supertest Updates


The saga of supertest changes to the Pilsen map continues! Here are the latest variants.

Version 1

15541934_1344061838997789_3335794317309985103_nTD sniping positions have been moved a bit closer in this variant. A small bridge surrounded by bushes added to the center area with some bushes, and a few small hills added.

Version 2


A few buildings have been added, though the coal/waste hills still remain the dominant feature of this variant. The east road has been extended and a small indentation with bushes has been added to the east edge of the map.

17 comments on “Pilsen Supertest Updates

  1. PeterSmith says:

    I really prefer Port to this, they should revamp that map and get rid of this laggy shite.

    • SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Agree. Port was great. So was Dragon’s Ridge. And Pearl River. Only Hidden Village was kinda boring because nobody ever went to the village part since all of it was destructible and thus coverless.

      But the other maps should be reworked and added back into the game.

      • Fischkrapfen says:

        I always went to the village, awesome flanking position, however port should really get back in but id also like to see northwest again

    • They can’t really bring those maps back because they don’t have the same physics as world of tanks 9.17, some of those maps are 10 patches old so they’d have to rebuild them from scratch. Plus, anything they build from nostalgia will never live up to your imaginations.

  2. Floatymexican says:

    I don’t think this map needs any changes IMO, someone tell me what the original problem is with it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Port was a fantastic map and to this day I still don’t know the reason for its removal.

  4. Homer_J says:

    Better than the previous idea of turning the open side into one big killzone.

  5. asdd says:

    Port was the worst shit ever. Even Komarin was better. But I agree, that they should ditch Pilsen. Shitty map doesn´t get better by adding more “space” with ridges and hills so nobody can shoot.

  6. Joe Blobdob says:

    I’d like to hide my gun in a ‘small indentation with bushes’.

  7. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Can we all just agree that WG in general has shit map development in general?

  8. Penus says:

    Again citymap…

  9. Crow says:

    Not just the maps… Only thing which was consistent so far are the tank models.
    Oh, wait…

  10. Looks like they are taking Paris and setting it on it side with the Pilsen buildings

  11. bbmoose says:

    They should make more maps like Prokhorovka and Steppes. Those are great if there isn’t any arty in the game. Oh wait, they should fix arty first. Like they should have 2 years ago…

  12. Mike-T 2016 says:

    Pilsen is the FUTURE of all new Maps in WOT as WG prefer brawling corridor Maps = a good business model

    Easy and Cheap to make,
    Great for back to Garage in 4 minutes/ asap = buy Gold = big profits
    Heavy Tank killing ground paradise = gives strong Armour role back to Heavy Tanks
    WG/ Russians love Heavy tanks, as why so few good open Maps = Cover is BAD

    like it or not ~ is the direction WOT is heading, check out the last 2 years of zero Open Maps
    nice eh?
    4 minute brawling slaughter fests, yes its the future by WG

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