Advent Calendar Day 16


Todays offer is the IS-2 Berlin


Here’s the Bundles for EU and SEA:

  • IS-2 Berlin
  • Garage Slot
  • 100% Qualified Crew with the BiA perk
  • 2750 Gold

For the moment the Tank isn’t sold seperately, we’ll update it later in the day for NA and if the Tanks do get sold seperately later.

(Also SEA gets a more expensive bundle, you’re far better off with the Advent Calendar bundle for once)

15 comments on “Advent Calendar Day 16

  1. Honcho says:

    Iam thinking about getting it.

    But whats with the rumor that the E25 being sold in the advent calendar? A clan mate posted leaked images from some WoT Facebook site. It could be fake, but he said it was some semi official Facebook site.

    • Infernal969 says:

      Stop feeding them money for overpriced, copypasted shit.

    • SpeedyCraft51 says:

      E-25 wont ever be sold again. It’s like Type59 except this one is even too good to be given as a reward for big events.

      But if you want it yoy can get yourself the T67. It’s a refular tier V american TD and its basiclay an E-25 except with a turret and two tiers lower. RoF and alpha are very similar, and pen is a bit lower but tier for tier its in fact better.

      • Bricktop says:

        Actually, don’t be that confident as 2016 advent calendar screenshots with e25 were leaked.

      • SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Photoshop isnt hard to use. Fake photos of advent calendar after seing how they’re made are easy to do…

      • Gen6B says:

        Don’t disagree that T67 is better tier for than E25, but you were dead wrong on WG not selling E25. Anything without a turret is gimped in the current Wot corridor Meta.

  2. Semi official AND Facebook? That sounds like Trump AND Twitter category of trustworthiness.

  3. gorzki says:

    this crew is with free bia perk (like gals)? or just 1 normal perk?
    can you retrain them to other tank?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can certainly transfer them to another tank (mine are in my T-10). They do come with BiA, but I haven’t tried retraining any of my Berlin tanks so I don’t know if the BiA ‘sticks’ like SoS does.

    • Honcho says:

      Its the free “0” perk like the female crew members.

    • Honcho says:

      And yes, it can be combined with normally trained BIA skill and the crew can be trained for other tanks aswell. You can not retrain the BIA “0” skill though.

  4. darthclicker says:

    I like how Ebenezer ScreWGe didn’t give EU the same lower priced choices as everyone else this time, but they raised the prices on SEA to make us feel better…lol. That is the Christmas Spirit!!!

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