Decorations Easter Egg



Today, Yuri Pasholok shared something in his garage that made me smile:

If you look closely and if you’ve been part of the World of Tanks community long enough you know immediately what the “easter egg” is.

For those who don’t:

It’s the Mighty Serb’s nerf tool!

Love it! 🙂

26 comments on “Decorations Easter Egg

  1. mredweird says:

    There is one for the tree as well. It’s called Magical Balance Apparatus or something like that.

  2. PeterOHanrahaHanrahan says:

    there’s even more to it. in russian запилит means to create something in a form you want, to produce something. for example запилит танчик meants to introduce a tank, former job of serb.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Terrible trigger discipline in the next to last pic

  4. Kliphie says:

    Terrible trigger discipline in the next to last pic

  5. I have both rasps, one for the tree and one for the snowitzer

  6. hernando cardona says:

    I wonder what’s glowing in the suitcase on the back of the tank…

  7. you need to find the KV-5 Radio operator helmet “why do i need this”

  8. RagnarokBazil says:

    its the legendary nerf bat!!!

  9. Robert says:

    Yup, also have my tier V nerf bat on my tree 🙂

  10. loserdestiny says:

    It’s full of such stuff actually. The rainbow-suitcase from some April’s fool day, the doghouse famously removed due to its destruction sound…

  11. Is that also the little dog house from the Halloween garage we had once?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Serbia strong

  13. Rick says:

    WG and MM are full of crap.They say they make changes but nothing changes.Used to be I got the same map after a defeat,then that changed for a bit and now its back to that same thing.Too many times getting same map ,same tank after a loss.Their change was a change back showing how limited their options are.Even battles with same weight tanks can result in a blowout.They need to incorporate skill.

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