23 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 20

  1. Thomas A. says:

    If they can sell the OP E-25 why cant they sell the decent Type 59?
    is not as good anymore anyway and I still want to get my hands on it.


    1. Renarde Martel says:

      ‘Decent’? It’s still the best performing tier 8 and still too good. If anything is more OP than E25, it’s the Type. E25 is only good when driven by a somewhat skilled player since it has no good hard stats, while Type’s armour gives it massive noob protection.


      1. Bricktop says:

        Ruski turret armor combined with -7 degrees of gun depression and preferential matchmaking make type probably the best premium tank in game for general purpose of fucking around in random battles.


      2. Brummbaer says:

        Lol sure I’d love WG to sell the Type, so all the believers like you guys realise how meh it is now.
        The Type was stronk when it was released, but with the powercreep of tanks in general, its performance has changed a lot.


  2. Honcho says:

    BIA crew? Thought it was only a 100% training crew?!
    A BIA crew would make it werth the investment, especially since i liked the normal Easy 8.


  3. concerned says:

    The EU premium shop says just 100% major qualification for the crew… Cromwell B also said +BIA. So I don’t believe you will get the more valuable crew from this.


      1. Anonymous says:

        I thought they were ordered to remove this one last time. Could be on dodgy ground here if someone just decided to put it up for sale. I was considering it myself.


  4. I_am_not_Dave says:

    This is not a good tank. I bought it the last time it was around. I play it only to train crews. Lousy pen and to slow to flank efficiently makes it gold dependant.


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